Help me understand AWSA rankings as applied to me.

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I am not a member but just trying to understand. I am male, 53, and have not skied in any tournaments. If I were to join, and consider doing a tournament, I would be a M5, Level 3 (all others)? And I would run with other M5's with start run time depending on my ranking? For example, today, with no ranking at all, I would run absolutely first? But of course, if I thought this through, I would not run today as I would not have qualified. But something similar would be scheduled at some other local tournaments until I made myself a ranking?

See today's schedule here: NationalsM5Schedule2016


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    Local tournaments may or may not schedule you on a ranking basis, as many tournament officials must ski and officiate. The smaller the tournament, the more difficult it would be to schedule the running order according to ranking, while accommodating the officiating needs.

    State tournament running order would be by ranking, as would regionals and nationals. With no ranking, you would be first in your age group.

    If you are deciding to ski tournaments and worried about going first, don't be. Some will have novice rules that allow you 4 passes minimum until you have run a pass for an official score at the max speed for your age group. That takes some of the pressure off, even if you miss your first pass.
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    Jump into tournaments now so you can have the fun of watching your ranking climb over the years! That was a GREAT experience for me. Arguably more fun than becoming (relatively) good eventually.
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