Neveu wins Cal Pro AM!

HortonHorton Posts: 26,530 Administrator
edited September 2016 in Breaking News

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  • bishop8950bishop8950 Posts: 1,080 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    edited September 2016
    He looked good all weekend
  • Texas6Texas6 Posts: 2,182
    That 39 he ran against McClintock was ridiculous - congrats to the big Aussie
    Daryn Dean - Lakes of Katy, TX
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  • ozskiozski Posts: 1,620
    Great to see a couple of young guns doing well, Joel is top bloke and deserves all the success he's having. A good result for the GT as well!
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  • ntxntx Posts: 823 Crazy Baller
    @Texas6 Neveu is Canadian not a assuie. He is also a first class kid.
  • skidawgskidawg Posts: 3,225 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    Better person than skier? He must be AWESOME
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  • skihartskihart Posts: 471 Solid Baller
    Congrats! He finally gets one! Great to see more strong skiing from this side of the border.
  • kingshreddkingshredd Posts: 172 Baller
    edited September 2016
    Watched him on the WebCast then in person today and he was solid!!!
  • Texas6Texas6 Posts: 2,182
    I think the original title said Howley wins, and changed to Neveu. I lost the deed just before the end of the finals. Well Neveu looked great yesterday into 41, congrats to the even bigger Canadian
    Daryn Dean - Lakes of Katy, TX
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  • Stevie BoyStevie Boy Posts: 1,823 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Neveu looked in a class of his own, what a fabulous skier, to win in such style, Congrats to him and his support team, Well deserved Win ! Absolute pleasure to watch, thanks for the webcast , Greg Badal and his team.

    "Just Give Me The Handle ! I Want To Ski !”

  • brodybrody Posts: 299 Baller
    Awesome win by a super nice guy. Feel bad for jmac, only guy to run 39 in every round and finishes 5th
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