Wake Crossing Drills

ESPNSkierESPNSkier Posts: 128 Baller
Can anyone recommend some good wake crossing drills? I finally took some video (sorry, too ugly to post) of why I am struggling to get back on track and found that I have reverted to an old, nasty habit of standing up at the 1st wake and getting pulled flat into 1 ball. I seem to be able to get away with this at 15 and 22 most of the time but getting nothing but slack at 1 ball when I try 28-.


  • TELTEL Posts: 209 Solid Baller
    I with you, that nasty habit is one I battle all the time. I find if I get away from the course and practice make good strong pulls through the wakes thinking about keeping my chest up and arms to my vest it helps. Hard to think about when chasing those damn red buoys.
  • JordanJordan Posts: 1,072 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    I think this is one of those problems that is best addressed outside of the course. Practice easy turns focussing on a solid, patient hook up after the turn, and lean progressively harder from the white water until you are behind the boat.

    A wise coach once told me that you can either turn or pull but not both at the same time. I eventually learned that he meant you must finish the turn completely before you hook up and go.

    Anything you do too quickly will cause problems, reaching early for the handle, swinging your head around. trying to reach too early going into the turn...all trouble.

    Read Bruce Butterfield's article on handle control over and over again.
  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 2,370 Mega Baller
    Seth Stisher had some mini-whip drills on YouTube at one time. Maybe those may help.
    The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.
  • ESPNSkierESPNSkier Posts: 128 Baller
    Thanks all! I'll try some free skiing drills when I return home and can get back on the water in a couple of weeks.
  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 1,719 Mega Baller
    Google Gordon Rathbum Slalom Drills videos
  • ESPNSkierESPNSkier Posts: 128 Baller
    Will do, thanks!
  • david_quaildavid_quail Posts: 130 Baller
    I can't say I'm anywhere close to perfecting it ... But I'll second @ALPJr and suggest the Rathbum videos. "Luck's drill" in particular. Basically removed the turn and allows you to focus on the initial lean in and wake crossing. I should do this more often.
  • nleuthnleuth Posts: 45 Baller
    @ESPNSkier Try @Sethski Whip Drills. They are on YouTube and are great to practice your body position and how to move the ski under you as you cross the wake.
  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 1,719 Mega Baller
    Rathbum's drills are on YouTube
  • ObrienslalomObrienslalom Posts: 59 Baller
    After taking several years off of skiing and returning, I went to youtube to learn a thing or two before hitting the water. Specifically, I needed to work on these same fundamentals.

    Nothing against Rathbun's drills at all (especially since I see they are still recommended here), but it is a bit of bummer how outdated they look. Consider being a young skier looking at videos created before they were born. I guess I was a bit discouraged at what I found out there targeting instructions/drills for beginner course skiers readily available.

    Along with the OP, I'm also interested to be pointed to any resources people have.
  • david_quaildavid_quail Posts: 130 Baller
    @Obrienslalom I was that "young" skier last season when I stumbled upon Rathbun's drills. I pretty much blew them off since, as you say, they appear so out dated. I came back to them this year though after realizing how on point they were with most of the modern advice and articles I was reading. Someone should put together a modern version of those drills ...

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