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I am going to order a drysuit in the next couple of weeks and I am looking for recommendations. I have been looking at the baggy eagle front zip, but the websites say they have no warranty. Is this normal for a $400 drysuit to have no warranty? I am looking for a baggy drysuit so I can layer clothing, it gets cold in Idaho.


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    Going to try a Boost myself, though need a large. Don't like the really baggy baggy suits d/t drag both air and water (though they are dry as a bone). Don't like their tight necks, either. Like the comfort of the Oneill hybrid suits but getting a little tired of being wet most of the time in a drysuit.
    Hoping neoprene neck in the boost will be comfy, that the other seals will be dry, and that the reduced amount of material equals less drag vs. traditional baggy.
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    Thanks brent but I would be in a large.
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    Oneil Assault (hybrid) gets my vote. Easy on and off, comfortable. Used to have a bag suit, just hated it.
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    I like the hybrid suits. I live in MN and ski from early April through Mid-November. It's frickin' cold! In the hybrid the neoprene keeps my legs plenty warm, and I wear a long sleeved t-shirt over a short sleeved t-shirt underneath when it gets really cold and I'm fine. I hated the extra drag of the baggy suit both in the water on the pull ups, and in the air -- felt like I had a parachute on going into the balls.
    Jim Ross
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    I have been using the O.S. System Drysuit for many years and it has worked great. http://ossystems.com/surface/dwb.html. Where do you live in Idaho. I am from SE Idaho.
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    Personally I'm a huge fan of the Sahara, although I'm not sure it's still being made. I actually probably ski about the same number of days in a drysuit as not in one. (I live in Massachusetts and I'm a total wuss.) Typically all of April, May, and October, plus about half of September I'm in my Sahara. I find it to be awfully comfortable -- I barely notice any drop in buoy counts, although I do get tired a bit faster. One of the 3 times in my life that I ran -38 it was in a drysuit!

    I don't like the baggy style because it makes a lot of noise and vibration in the wind and distracts the hell out of me.

    When it gets Freakin' Cold, I recommend wearing Underarmor Coldgear underneath the suit. It's pretty remarkably how warm that stuff is for such a thin layer. (Of course, it ain't exactly cheap, either!)
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    O'Neill Assault (hybrid) gets my vote. Easy on and off, very comfortable. Never get wet top or bottom. I use the cinch straps on my rear leg so the spray doesn't overcome the seals ability to seal. Wear Icebreaker Morino wool top and 3/4 length leg bottoms. Toasty warm.

    Also wear kevlar glove liners with
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    Also wear kevlar glove liners with surgical gloves on top under my ski gloves. Hands stay warm and dry.
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    Thanks for all the info!
    Skinut I live in poky, where are u at. I have a green moomba outback, possible we might have met recently.
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    Will report on Boost once I have it. I love the comfort of the Oneill Hybrid but I get wet in legs/arms almost every set. Have tried the cinches including multiple cinches each leg. Also have barefoot international baggy which is great for working on the dock when freezing or pulling the spring course from bottom...but drag is awful for skiing and neck makes me feel like my head will explode.
    Looking for that suit that is dry and comfy but not too much drag. Taking a risk here for sure, but nothing risked nothing gained.
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    Stay dry baggy with spray legs front and rear, considerably lower cost and allows for layering underneath, just don't "burp" out all the air and you'll be more flexible and warmer. www.wileyski.com or 206 762 1300
    BallOfSpray Pacific Northwest Vice President of Event Management, aka "Zappy"
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    Very happy w/ my Eagle drysuit....front zip, baggy. Very lightweight material...almost seems to breathe... if that is possible. Regarding the (baggy) ONeill Boost, I like that they now use a neoprene neck seal for comfort. However, on more than one occasion, I have found problems w/ the wrist seals being inappropriately sized for the suit.
    When in doubt, I prefer to give my biz to Eagle....given the amount of money they put back into the sponsorship and promotion of watersport events.
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    I also vote for Oneil Assault (hybrid). Skis better than a baggie suit. You can put plenty of clothes(fleece) under the top if needed. Jamie
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    Hey Travis. It's me Quinn. It's great to see you on this site. Let me know if you want to see the drysuit I use. I can bring it out to the lake next time you guys are out.
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    Just got the Boost suit and was able to try it on. I think it's going to work well. The integrated farmer john really helps fit. Neoprene neck seal is more robust than that on the Oneill Hybrid. The latex seals are snug but easy on/off. It also fits a little more snug than other baggy's I have had so hoping the drag out of the hole is ok as well as air-drag.
    Will report once I ski it later in the fall.
    What works well to condition the latex seals in order to get longer life?
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
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    thanks 6balls.
    @skinut, I thought it might be you. I'm not sure when I will be up there again. I went today, the water was pretty rough. Maybe labor day
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