Miss Minnesota already!

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Wanna thank @MS, @MsMS, @Pjirsa and @OTF for their great hospitality. During our vacation back to MN, I was able to break away in the early am's from the family and all the activities to ski with the folks at Trophy Lake Estates in Southern MN (35 mn from the lake I grew up on).  Had a great time and finally got some time behind ZO. ....So C1 it is...I think. The site was beautiful.  Having @MrsMS as your personal cheerleader was the icing on the cake. She can ski too. And quite well. So thanks guys.  I'll see you again in 12 months. 

Also want to thanks Jerry and Jill for yrs of taking me skiing on our annual visits. They live on the lake I grew up on and maintain a course. (my parents still live on the lake). Great to see them as always. Told them of BOS.   

Wanted to meet up with other MN Ballers like @6balls, @Razerskier and @cowtipper but time did not allow. Sorry guys. Will shoot for next year.

If you all find yourself in Orlando, give me a shout for some skiing.

And thanks to BOS for making those connections. Ok., back to digging on @MS .  Wouldn't want to break tradition. 
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