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HO CX SuperLite / partial review

HortonHorton Posts: 29,982 Administrator
edited February 2014 in Reviews
I thought the CX SuperLite was going to take 3 rides to assess. I do not and cannot do a full ski review in February. This is a partial review. The ski is FAR better than I expected for a ski in this price range.

The HO CX SuperLite sells for $899 at Performance. For $899 I do not expect to find a carbon/PVC ski that has performance characteristics on par with skis costing $1,200 to $2,000. For this price I expect to find a ski that is a little over stable and easy to ride but that never really gets from the wakes to the ball line very fast. I expect to find a ski that either over turns because it is too soft or does not get very good angle because it is too wide.

Contrary to what I expected,the CX SuperLite is roughly as fast as any ski on the market. What does fast mean? To me “fast” means it gets wide and early without much physical work. This ski makes a lot of space.

The CX SuperLite turns awesome. To be fair, it took me a few rides to find where to stand on the ski for consistent turns. If you carry a lot if speed into the turn on your back foot and then try to make it all happen at once, the CX SuperLite wheelies pretty badly. Once I came to grips with the fact that I needed to get my weight forward I found that the ski turns extremely well on both sides.

For a skier who is not rounding balls and may not be trying to crank off big “38 off” high speed turns the CX SuperLite is forgiving back foot pressure. I ran some 22 off passes where I made a point to stay way back on the tail and everything was calm and easy.

The really striking thing for me about the CX SuperLite is how beautifully it goes through the wakes and transitions out to the ball line. I found that I was staying more connected than normal on this ski because the edge change was so effortless. I suspect that the speed of the ski means less load on the rope and that equates to a more controlled outbound experience.

So the question has to be asked, “is this a high end short line ski?” Maybe.

One of the goals at HO was to make a ski that someone could take to a big public lake and carve a lot of turns on. I did not free ski on the CX SuperLite but it is so darn low effort and so fun to ride that I am sure they hit the ball out of the park on that.

There are some things the ski does at the apex of the turn that might not be on par with the very best skis in the sport. I am going to say maybe. I honestly cannot assess a high end ski this time of year. What I can say is for a skier looking for a ski that is ½ a step down from the most advanced skis the CX SuperLite is a slam dunk. If you think you will run 38 off or shorter this season, this ski is not the first thing I would suggest. If you are dreaming of running 28 or of simply carving up the open lake the CX Superlite is top of the list.

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