Someone buy my 90" D3 Nighmare Jump Skis

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These skis are owned (bought in used condition) by the University of Iowa Water Ski Team. the purchase was a mistake made by a former team president since we only have one member on the team skilled enough to use skis that long and he has his own. Since no one is good enough to use them they have hit a ramp while in our possession all of 6 times (2 skiers mistakenly thought they should use 90" skis and hit a ramp in tournament 3 times each). The listing is for the skis blank, they are in good condition somewhere between the ski it again categories or a few scratches and look used. Current list price is $850, but it's negotiable. If you have any interest or know anyone who would send them my way either through this post, the ski it again link below, my phone number (612)-599-3496, or my university email [email protected]


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    E-mail sent.
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    Bringing this thread back towards the top, the skis have just received a $100 price cut and are now on ski-it-again for $750, negotiable, shipping split. All other information above hasn't changed.
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    These skis have been purchased and are off the market, to my knowledge the ebay and ski it again posts have been taken down.

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