Should I give the kid the old 9100?

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I have a young son addicted to the course now (ran it last summer for the first time, 23 mph was his best) and he still needs some time on his O'Brien Jr. Siege. As he gets a bit better and bigger, I am thinking about letting him try my old 65.5" 9100 vs. buying a higher-end kid ski that he will likely soon outgrow. I welcome your thoughts.


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    Personally I tried a 9100 with my daughter. Prob about the same age and size I bet. She immediately had a disliking. Had her on a D3 Z7st. She said it wasn't even a close contest. 9100 I think is old in user friendliness. Lot's of really good used choices that are more stable in the 65 range namely, Senate, Strada, and bunch of D3s. For the used price on a 3-4yr old skis like these, I'd say hunt a little on Ski-it Again.
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    I agree with @Wish The 65 inch D3s will last a long time as he grow and increases speed.
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    Thanks for the help. I will go that route. Nothing like offering a new ski to the kid as a reward for hard work good fun in the course.
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