Parrish back on Goode....

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It's on Instagram...he switches skis as often as @Horton!


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    >>> 11.25..a different kettle of fish. <<<
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    He set the WR on a Goode, may as well try it.
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    Wow! Hard to imagine Goode offering CP anything special, so it raises the question, what happened with Andy? ... Your ski should be your dance partner, not a wrestling opponent
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    Nothing against any other ski, but I don't believe I have ever seen CP ski smoother, better than when he was on Goode 3-4 years ago. I have some video shot from the boat of CP at the Ski Ranch on his Goode - awesome skiing!
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    Agreed, seems like when he was drinking from the GOODE fountain, he was skiing his best. Makes me feel even better about buying and wearing my GOODE World Record Shirt that I got in the mail today.......... GOOD LUCK CP!
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    I've never tried the crack. Every now and then I'm tempted.
    Jim Ross
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    Cp went to Hancock this week and with about 4 sets on the ski he ran [email protected] Today was his 7th set on ski and ran 41 during a practice round at Swiss. Hopefully CP can step up the game again. In my opinion he skied pretty well on the Goode when he was on it. Good luck to him
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    Best season ever for me was on the crack. But this season has started waaaay better.
    >>> 11.25..a different kettle of fish. <<<
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    Would his ski's be "off the rack" or something else?
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    He is also back skiing with Lucky.
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    Ski is a stock traditional nano. 67.25 made with camo graphics because that's what CP asked for
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    Bro Jim and I skied with him right about the time he was on fire having set and re-set the world record over a very short time frame. He then made a ski switch and training switch and I remember talking with Jim about that and being like "huh"?
    I hope he finds consistent big scores...always loved watching him ski and Nate needs a challenge.
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    Nate is on another planet right now, but the only other person I have ever seen (or heard of) regularly running 41' in tournaments was when CP was with Goode. It should be an interesting summer.
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    For the record, I recall CP equalling his -43 world record at a spring RC tournament at the Isles of Lake Hancock in his early days with Mapple Skis. ... Your ski should be your dance partner, not a wrestling opponent
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    Not saying he wasn't running 41' on his Mapple. I am saying that on the Goode he was running it with some regularity. On other skis he has been more like Will, JB, etc. who run it on occasion. (Talking in tournament here) To hang with Nate you need to run it a lot.

    Not picking sides here. Great skiers all and good skis as well. Just observations.
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    A Goode with Camo graphics. Haven't seen that one yet. Wouldn't want that. Nobody would see me run 41.
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    Heard about it a couple weeks aqo and was asked to keep it under my hat. All i know is he wanted a camo nano like Josh Harris! Nate is great but i would like to see CP make him stay on his game!
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    These guys are all so good they could ski on any stick and be within a few buoys on any given day. I think the change is mental sometimes -- we change because we need a change and our mind believes it will make a difference -- so it does!
    Jim Ross
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    @skimech Yeh, but you could walk into any post office unnoticed!
    Stir vigorously then leave!
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    Agree totally @razorskier1. My view is CP is getting older and his form of the past seems to have deserted him, not because of the ski is on, he's just getting older. Moving to a new stick would be as good as holiday in his mind I think.
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    No I certainly think Mapple gave him the support he needed. However the truth is in the numbers of 41 offs he ran in tournaments on each ski. So I guess time will tell. Nate had 38 cracks at 43 when he broke the record. So you have to be on the ski that will give you the most consistency. Dave is building his own skis at his own factory and he has the ability to cut or change a mold any time he wants. He builds text molds all the time at a very high cost to him. So I know that Dave is committed to building a ski for CP that will give him the best opportunity to have a shot at the record plain and simple!!!!! For example. TGas has his own ski fans design that works for him. So that's the support and commitment I am refering to. Not saying Andy did not support him because I know he did.
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    And, I can confirm that he is on a Goode. Met CP today at Lucky's, where he is getting in
    some training pre-Masters. Dave Goode is a good guy. We did some work at his site back
    in September to change his floater course to bottom-anchored before the "L" tournament
    that he produced there at his lake in Utah.
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    "Goode can do a better job of building skis for his team skiers since he builds his own skis in his factory where he works. "

    I happened to take a tour of Goode HQ in Ogden in February with Dave Goode. I've taken many factory tours and the tour Dave gave us was outstanding. After the tour I have no doubt that Dave Goode could personally build a ski from scratch to anyone's specs (I doubt the heads of most ski manufacturers can say this). Goode is a small operation (comparatively) and as such Dave and his team can really spend the time to know their customer, develop their product and develop/tweak skis for people like CP. Other ski manufacturers just don't have this ability.

    On a side note, no one ever talks about Dave Goode's snow sports passion. We spent at least half the tour talking about ski racing and the design and manufacture of Goode snow skis and poles.
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    @lakeaustinskier - not doubting his passion regarding snow skiing as that is how he started (with poles), but his skis are up against much better established big manufacturers like Rossi, Head, Fischer, et al and a myriad of boutique makers now for non-racing skis. At least in the Far West there is basically no Goode presence on the hill (except for Eric Lee). Not sure how it is in other ski-centric areas - including Utah. That is why there is no talk of Goode snow skis. This is no comment on the quality or performance of his skis. I have no idea and probably never will. I'm just sayin' - they aren't around.
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    It's gotta' be difficult to switch manufacturers as a pro in this sport. I think it may be easier to tell your spouse you want a divorce!

    @jimbrake I've never seen a set of Goode snow skis up here in Montana. Not at The Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, or Bridger Ski Bowl.
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    Ive owned Goode carbon ski poles for more than 20 years. Great poles.
    Keith Lindemulder
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    Sometimes it's just the feel a skier wants under his feet that gives him more confidence.
    Shane "Crash" Hill

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    Washington ski hills have some GOODE snow skiis. I got a pair (basically for free: $200) when I bought a new Nano One XT over the winter. IT WAS BLAST TO CARVE UP THE SNOW! Not an extreme skier, but they rocked my world.
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    @lakeaustinskier‌ Dave Goode has another passion as well, flying. He was featured in Flying magazine a few years ago.
    @jimbrake‌ Squaw Valley sports had Goode skis as their high end demo a decade ago. There were lots on the mountain then. Recently they are hard to find. Still Goode's influence is visible. I know no details but I heard he was involved with the people from DPS whose powder skis are common on a powder day. There seems to be a trend toward lighter skis and his technology led the way. Note that my Goodes are still going strong after 6 years of abuse in the bumps.
    Dave is certainly an interesting and talented person.
    The speculation about CP and his ski is entertaining. Best wishes to Chris. But it is the skier not the ski.
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