Learning the Course, 235lbs, 69" ski

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Hey, I wasn't sure if I should post here or in technique, but here it goes.
I'm an open water skier, but I want to learn the course. I've been skiing for about 4 years, but have progressed fairly well according to my in-laws who have been skiing forever. Unfortunately I have no video to show you where I'm at, and it's snowing here today so the water is still a month away. I've read a lot of threads about how to get the course done, less speed, bigger ski... But this is where my problem is.

I'm 6'6" and 235. I'm currently riding a HO CFR Charger 69" with size 15 Attack boots and ride at 34MPH+ at 15off in the open water. It really feels like the ski drags any slower and since I'm going to try the course slow, I don't think this ski will work for me. I have a Radar combo set that are crazy wide and 69" so I might be able to use one of those, but then I think they wouldn't be enough to carve the course.

I'm here for ski recommendations. I'm thinking Radar Theory, or P6? Are there any other skis I'm missing? I'll buy a used ski since after 6 weeks at the lake this summer I'll hopefully progress past everything I currently own, and don't want to spend a fortune on something that's going to be done after a season.

Thanks in advance for any help.


  • bojansbojans Posts: 231 Baller
    I am a similar weight and ride a 69" Senate and am really happy with the ski. Learning the course could be a challenge at slower speeds on such a ski but once you get to 32+ it skis great.
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    P6 or Triumph for slower speeds. A standard 69" Strada or similar is good for 34.
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    I'm on a 67.5" mapple 6.1. I'm same height and heavier. 12m @ 55k. Before I got on the mapple I was on a Goode wide ride 66.5". Might consider selling it of anyone is interested.
    Keith Lindemulder
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  • Chris RossiChris Rossi Posts: 277 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    I'd recommend a 71" Radar P6 and slow down to 26-30 mph. That ski has a ton of surface area to allow you to slow the boat down. You may be able to go even slower than 26.
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    It's pretty hard to argue with @chrisrossi‌. Thanks for killing my thread. ;) I just bought a 2012 P-6 with bindings from wakehouse for $220. Didn't break the bank. Thanks for the help!
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    The big P6 should be good for slowing down the speed. I wouldn't get rid of the charger though. When I got back into skiing I skied a charger in the course at 32 and 34 mph into 28 off. It would be a good second ski for you. I was 6' about 240 at the time.
    Mark Shaffer
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    Joe, Im at a similar level as you and 6'1", 200. I spent the past 2 weeks demoing skis. I think I just pulled the trigger on a Radar Senate Alloy 69". I tried the HO Charger, and felt like you said. The HO TX was good, but felt like I was a little further along for that. The HO CX Superlite almost won and felt really great but I didn't feel the difference in price compared to the reasonably priced Senate. Look for a store in your area that will allow you to demo skis or try h2oproshop.com with their return deal.
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    Yeah, I'm keeping the charger around. I think that will be my high speed course ski. Most likely next year I'll go with a Senate since it's the "same shape" as the top of the line ski but wider for a stout fellow like myself.
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    Congrats to a great ski.
    I would guess that you will progress faster on a less advanced ski.
    I think folks running 28 off @ 30 on P6's.
    Once you think you need a new ski step up slowly.

    Life is too short not to enjoy every day!
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    giantjoe how do you like your Attack bindings.
  • giantjoegiantjoe Posts: 28 Baller
    @wskier‌ I started with the rubber wrap bindings a while ago, then "upgraded" to the Venom I think, it fell apart after one season. I bought the attack because it was available locally and NOW!

    Since my only comparison is to rubber wraps I'd have to say they are incredible! If you're using a rubber wrap, throw it away today. The attack seems to fit well, there may be a little heel lift, but I also have super narrow feet. It's good looking and fits well as far as I can tell. I haven't had too many bindings on my feet.
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