9th Annual Jr. US Open

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This weekend we are hosting the 9th Annual Jr. US Open. If you happen to be in the Houston area and would like to see some great skiing by the future 3 event skiers of the world, come on down!

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Here's a blurb from the local rag:
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<strong>Water ski event on tap</strong>

By Lionel Green

The Daily News

Published May 28, 2009

SANTA FE — Lori Covington is busy prepping for USA Water Ski’s ninth annual Junior U.S. Open Water Ski Championships on Saturday and Sunday at Lago Santa Fe.

Covington, Julie Krueger and Brad Newton comprise the tournament committee organizing the two-round, world-record capable water ski competition.

Spectators are welcomed to view the event for free. The action is scheduled from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday for qualifying and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday for finals.

Lago Santa Fe had to overhaul its jump ramp after Hurricane Ike, but Covington said they should be prepared.

“Tons of people in the neighborhood are helping,” she said. “I have never been a tournament director, so it’s just all the last-minute stuff coming together. I think we’ll be ready to go.”

Covington said 37 top competitors from five continents qualified for this weekend’s championships.

Qualifiers from Australia, Colombia, Czechoslovakia, France, Mexico and, of course, the United States are expected to compete.

The event features male and female divisions from ages 17 to 21 as well as boy and girl divisions for ages 16 and younger.

“They’ll have trick, slalom and jump,” Covington said. “My favorite is jump because of the danger factor. It’s a lot more exciting.”

She said some jumps could approach 200 feet.

Lago Santa Fe typically hosts two qualifying water ski events annually, Covington said, but it’s been a while since the club hosted an elite competition.

“It’s a little hard to get because you have to have personnel to work it,” she said. “Because it’s a record tournament, all the courses have to be exact, and you have to have the highest appointed officials.”

Covington said she welcomes any volunteer assistance. Call her at 832-309-8823 for information.

“We have all kinds of jobs,” Covington said. “Just come on out.”

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At A Glance

What: USA Water Ski’s ninth annual Junior U.S. Open Water Ski Championships

When: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday; 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday

Where: Lago Santa Fe, 215 Lago Circle N. <!--IBF.ATTACHMENT_310148-->
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    Just this on USA Water Ski:
    <a href="http://www.usawaterski.org/default.asp?Display=615">http://www.usawaterski.org/default.asp?Display=615</a>
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