Reflex Size 12 and 13 feet

OKSkierOKSkier Posts: 119 Baller
Just wondering if anyone out there has a a size 12 relex slalom boot(the black one) and has been able to fit a size 13 foot inside?
I know CP has been using one and I would imagine he has fairly big feet. Reflex doesn't make a size 13.


  • rockdogrockdog Posts: 533 Crazy Baller
    My 12-13 foot with thin reflex liner starts getting a little tight up there.
  • OKSkierOKSkier Posts: 119 Baller
    @rockdog thanks
  • buskibuski Posts: 111 Baller
    I wear 13's with a 12 shell. I don't think my feet are overly wide though. Thin liner was ok, but something was hurting my ankle. Goode/FM Aqua liner feels much better. I had a strada liner in there for a while when I was between liners. My foot fit but since the liner is so thick, there was some pressure on the toes.

    If you get a r-style rear (with the thick liner they're using), my personal experience was that it seemed tough to get my rear foot out of the boot in testing if the straps were even a little snug. Maybe it would have been fine in the water in a real fall but I didn't want it to get stuck. I use the thin liner that's normally for the front boot instead; it feels great and comes out easy when needed.

  • OKSkierOKSkier Posts: 119 Baller
    Thanks @buski I have a normal not wide 13 foot. I would be using the goode/intuition type liners that I think are pretty thin. Hope it works
  • BRYBRY Posts: 580 Crazy Baller
    My feet aren't that big but I am a 9.5 or 10 foot and I use an 8 boot with the Reflex thin liner molded. Carryover from my snow skiing (36yrs of it), I always go with the smallest shell I can get in and the buckles are just to keep it closed. I want the boot to be my foot, not on my foot, and excess liner is just extraneous "give", loss of precision and slop in the steering. More compfy too as I don't have to compress anything for a proper fit.
    I would think with a 13 foot going down only one shell to a 12 shouldn't be a problem. Mold the Reflex thin liner and use some thin plastic outside the shell but under the buckles to keep the liner from coming out too much while molding. I cut a kitchen chopping mat to fit.
    I had PowerShells before and no way could I get the Goode liners in my reflex boot, too thick. Whichever liner you use, make sure to mold it or your fit won't be right.
  • OKSkierOKSkier Posts: 119 Baller
    THanks very much
  • MarkMMarkM Posts: 107 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    Yes a 12 is perfect. I have size 13 feet and use a 12 Reflex boot (black)
  • OKSkierOKSkier Posts: 119 Baller
    Thanks very much. Are you @MarkM using the Reflex or the Intution Goode style liners
  • MarkMMarkM Posts: 107 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    I use the intuition liners from fluid motion. I have narrow feet and they are a thicker liner.
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