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Chile Waterskiing...

ralral Posts: 1,762 Mega Baller
Very nice video.

My lake is @ 1:10 and @3:36...

Rodrigo Andai
Alberto SoareswtrskiorcragginshredBruce_ButterfieldSkoot1123


  • estromestrom Posts: 512 Baller
    Nice video!
  • cragginshredcragginshred Posts: 705 Crazy Baller
    Very cool! We have friends that go down there several times a year, not skiers though. I really wanna go!
    Vapor pro 2017
  • Mateo_VargasMateo_Vargas Posts: 881 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    When Sebastian returns home after Cal grad school Chile will have one more course skier. I'll have him look you up @ral.

    Success is failure that just hasn't happened yet
    [Deleted User]
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