Counter rotation feeds the hook up leveraged position

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After a long time of focusing on trying to 'hook up leveraged' on my 1-3-5 (RFF) I have concluded from video that I need to work on my counter rotation to prevent hooking up to the handle in the slouched posture I have hard wired. Part of why I bring this up is the chain reaction if you will effect in the pass. Once hit by the boat already forward it is impossible to correct that by, bring my hips up via the stack, pinning my arms to my vest or any of the other single aspect 'just do this' suggestions. I propose here the idea of a chain reaction effect that it seems just as the foot feeds the tibia, femur, pelvis and lumbar spine. If you have a tight calf or a hypo mobile sub talar joint you will have effects up the chain uinto the hip.
Also with skiing it is not just fix this one aspect it is one aspect feeds the next as we fatigue parts break down. Who has fixed hooking up leveraged via adding a good counter rotation?
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    Yes, concur the counter is necessary at the apex..However, it is important to "Fall In" with COM from that position, not rotating, and pulling the handle in...The reason being not to Alert ZO you are there, in order to get into the leverged position ahead of ZO...Thats the way you can make ZO work for you and not against you.
    Keep in mind the Apex should be the slowest point so that acceleration can begin off the Apex and not at the finish of the turn...Load under acceleration is so much more effective.
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    Check out what tfin is saying about leading the turn with the hip after the first pass below. To me this is the start of the chain reaction your talking about. Leading with the inside hip gets you in a stacked positions and get your COM moving forward for efficient acceleration. I think if you just focus on counter rotation you could possibly counter rotate coming into the apex and not have you hips forward into the hookup.
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    Disclaimer: feel free to ignore all that follows as ramblings of an enthusiastic amateur.

    Working on Countering to improve your hook up can work but you will have to be really precise. My experience suggests that you are working on this because you are skiing narrow and bouy to bouy.
    Thinking about the "counter" - what it does is centre you on the ski and engage the turning edge.
    This may be a band aid on the real problem :
    If you have sufficient momentum off the second wake AND stay connected you will automatically stay centred and on the turning edge with plenty of time approaching the bouy = no need to work on the turn.
    So I think your time would be better spent working on your leveraged position to 1. Thís can only be worked on IF you turn in with enough speed. That can only be achieved IF you pull out with enough speed and width.
    SO .... I would recommend really getting your pull out sorted. This of course is also the same leverage position to 2,4,6 (which you can't work on until you get to 1,3,5 properly) so time well spent.
    Note : if you do this and fly into 1, or take slack/ hits it's probably not the fault of your leverage position ( without video evidence) but that you are disconnecting off the second wake = next thing to work on :)

    Don't compromise an achieving the best stack/leverage position you can (sounding like Horton now!).

    Of course you could continue to work on the turn which (like me a couple is seasons ago) will get you down the course sometimes and feeling good, but this will ultimately hinder your real progression - which I am guessing is the goal?

  • cragginshredcragginshred Posts: 692 Crazy Baller
    Good points and all all be taken into consideration today as I throw myself at it again! My stack needs major work and I hope it will set up a countered position!
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    carve this into your sub conscious and into granite for that matter: ' counter rotation is not a position it is an action '. drew ross coaches to lead with your inside hip from the apex all the way through the wake and his daughter is the embodiment of that concept x 2. for example if you start to drive your left hip ' forward ' beginning slightly before the apex of the 1 ball turn and dont stop doing that until you've crossed the wake you wont be able to slouch into your greco roman wrestling mode. that will be a good thing.
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    @cragginshred congrats, sounds like a break through.
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    Congratulations on the PB @cragginshred‌! Enjoy the moment. In my world, breakthroughs have a shelf life of about 18 hours. ... Your ski should be your dance partner, not a wrestling opponent
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    I actually just skied a clinic with Seth Stisher and we worked on getting the hips to move outbound off of the second wake so that the ski comes out from under me. I found that if I transition early, and move through with my hips, the ski is put on a good turning edge. I then can just allow the ski to hook up on its own after I did the work earlier, and I hooked up square to the boat and stacked like I have never been before. I feel like this is what people are trying to achieve with counter-rotation.
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