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Warman Spring Short Video 2014

rwskierrwskier Posts: 236 Solid Baller
Here is a short Video of Warman Lake Spring 2014

Russell W. -


  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 5,973 Mega Baller
    Is that gold lettering on the Nautique on the island? We had that same boat with gold lettering back in the 70s. It was our first Nautique and replaced a 16' Skier.

    Great looking site and conditions.
    Mark Shaffer
  • GlockGlock Posts: 192 Baller
    I love watching your videos, please post more.
  • rwskierrwskier Posts: 236 Solid Baller
    @Glock OK here is another one for you. and thank you so much.

    Russell W. -
  • InthedayIntheday Posts: 142 Baller
    Is it just me that reads the title to this thread as Women Spring Short Video
  • GroovyGrantGroovyGrant Posts: 52 Baller
    @Intheday‌ it may be just me, but when I see a post that says Warman I pay more attention than if it says women. That place is freakin awesome!
    Grant Miller--Table Rock Lake, Missouri
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