Great New Coaching Option in Orlando!

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Had the chance to ski with Brooks Wilson at The Boarding School (formerly SkiTek) recently. The coach and site have been around but it's an awesome new combination! The 2014 MasterCraft is the icing on the cake.

I've previously skied with some great coaches such as Seth Stisher and Jodi Fisher. With that said, Brooks more than compares and I was able to translate his coaching into more buoys faster. Brooks found a couple simple mistakes I was making and the results were almost immediate. 32-off (hardest pass I can complete) felt so easy that I had to ask him if the boat speed was correct!

The site is also unbelievable. With lots of trees and two lakes in opposite directions, you are pretty much guaranteed good conditions. It's much easier to concentrate on the coaching and your skiing when there aren't any whitecaps to dodge.

I also got to watch Brooks ski a set. With two slalom courses, you can go lake-to-lake without stopping. He just ripped -38 @36 twice in a row like it was nothing!

Email Brooks at [email protected] to set something up and you won't be disappointed. I'm going back in a couple weeks to get dialed in for tournament season here in Ohio. (It's also being billed as a family trip to Disney.)

Larry Zanko - Midwest skier with a dream to make Nationals


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    I was skiing with brooks as well last week. I loved the new site with the two lake options. We had some wind every day and were never blown out,or even close to it. I liked skiing lake to lake.

    The new MC is awesome. I loved the wakes and the interior room. I think that's my next boat!

    Brooks's coaching is dialed and spot on! He worked with me on my outbound direction off the wake and a little with my position and reach in the turn. His tips were easy to understand and gave me immediate results I could feel.

    Brooks had me running my hardest pass every time ([email protected]) with in the first set. I ran over 90% of my 32s, when before I would run it about 25% of the time. I reached a new pb [email protected] twice in 2 days.

    I encourage everyone to try brooks at the boarding school or book a clinic at your site.
    Rob Quetschke
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    Thanks for the kind words guys, it has been awesome having everybody down. I hope to see more of you guys down here throughout the year! I must say it's a pretty sweet setup we have.
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