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Warp review - the first few rides

HortonHorton Posts: 30,601 Administrator
edited May 2014 in Reviews
The poor Warp sat on my shelf for almost a month while I finished another review.

Every review starts with me saying to myself "I hope this thing does not suck". Last thursday I took it out with bone stock settings. The first few passes were ok. On side turns were automatic. Off side turns needed some adjustment from the skier.

By the end of the ride things started flowing. A little more front foot pressure at off side and "KaPow!" Oooo so that is how this ski wants "off side" ski to go. After 2 rides of 32s and 35 things started to flow better and better. At the end of my third ride I took my first stab at 38 on the Warp see below.

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