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Obrien Synchro

packskipackski Posts: 49 Baller
Does anyone know how wide the 69 Synchro is?


  • AdamCordAdamCord Posts: 800 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    I've got the CAD files on a hard drive at home but I'm out of town so I can't give you an exact #. I would guess it's somewhere around 7.4-7.5" at the widest point.
  • SkihackSkihack Posts: 448 Baller
    That's close enough for what I want. Thanks very much. I am going to order one. At 258 lbs. I definitely need it.
  • waterskigirlwaterskigirl Posts: 142 Water Ski Industry Professional
    @skimech Just started carrying that ski here have put quite a few guests on it, from big guys going slower to kids getting started and so far everyone likes it and has done well...
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