Two Sets With The Man

So my lovely wife gave me two sets with Andy Mapple for fathers Day since he had made arrangements to come to our neighborhood this past weekend. Aside from the excitement of skiing with a legend (a very humble legend at that), I simply wanted to endorse the value I got from his guidance through my two sets. I have ski'd with and received lessons from several pros - all worth my time and all helpful. But I can honestly say that skiing with Andy, for me, was the most valuable two sets I've had on the water technically. I've got plenty to work on but his delivery all resonated, his explanation of the mechanics and the advice all made perfect sense, and he focused on the obvious improvements first without trying to change my natural style. He took the time to adjust the setup on my ski simply because he thought it would suit my style of skiing better. Admittedly, the fin change didn't work for me until my second and third sets post change but he nailed it. If you ever get the chance, do yourself a favor and ski with Andy Mapple.
Daryn Dean - Lakes of Katy, TX
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  • gregygregy Posts: 2,590 Mega Baller
    I was there Friday. Great experience. Some of the stuff he was telling me really didn't sink in until the ride home when I had some time to think. Definitely gave me some things to work on for a while.
  • Andrewski12Andrewski12 Posts: 12 Baller
    I went out for a set with Andy back in February at his site in Orlando. He truly is the best! I found his coaching to be a perfect mix of practical knowledge and very sound wisdom.
  • cragginshredcragginshred Posts: 722 Crazy Baller
    Your wife is a keeper!
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