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Looking for price info on vintage Dick Pope Jr Cypress Gardens wood water skis to sell

bigdrewfordbigdrewford Posts: 4 New Baller
edited June 2014 in News & Other Stuff
My waterskiing buddy turned me on to this board. He said maybe someone here would be able to tell me how much some vintage skis I just picked up were worth and maybe someone would want to buy them. They are 67 or 68 inch Dick Pope Jr Cypress Gardens wooden water skis. Not sure on the date. I don't think they were ever in the water because the factory warranty card was still in the binding. There are some scratches on the wood though so I would not say they are mint. Anyway, hopefully someone can help and if you are interested please let me know. I don't know how to attach pictures. So if someone can tell me that too it would help.


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