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Trying to understand the Warp - a prelude to the review.

HortonHorton Posts: 29,527 Administrator
edited June 2014 in Reviews
It would be totally dishonest of me to claim I am sure about what makes the Warp so special. As I am racking my brain for the words for the real review the following idea has come to mind. One of the things about the Warp that is so bazaar is that the more you press forward into the off side turn the smoother and rounder the turns feel. When I say rounder turns I do not mean down course I mean fast arcs with a lot of water speed and a $h*t load of angle.

Factor # 1: The tail of the Warp is relatively narrow compared to other skis the same size and the widest part of the ski is relatively far forward. 12” from the back of the ski it is 3.90” wide. At 38” the skis is roughly 6 7/8” wide. The width of the ski from 38” to 46” is roughly constant just less than 7”. (I do not have real calipers with me as I write this so the dimensions are rough but close enough to express my idea).

Based on the outline of the ski alone one can assume that the ski will ride somewhat tip high with the tail deep in the water. The fact that the ski does not start getting narrower in the front until 46” means the skier will feel support even if he (or she) really gets over the nose at the ball.

Factor #2: The Warp appears to have continuous rocker. If there is a flat spot I cannot see it visually.
Continuous rocker means the ski simply does not have a flat spot in the rocker. It can result in a condition where if the skier gets slightly too far forward the ski bites off too much or if they are slightly back the ski does not turn at all. The skier is more free to literally rock forward or backward on the ski. The Warp does not display any of the typical negative continuous rocker issues.

Most skis do not have continuous rocker and have a flat spot in the tunnel and / or the bevels between a 3” to 12”.

Factor #3: the bevels are simply round. There is no bevel to speak of. What this means is the ski will sit deeper in the water.
So what do these three factors mean? This is all supposition but here goes:

I think that because of the narrow tail / wide forebody plus continuous rocker the skier can drive forward as hard as they dare without ever reaching a point where the ski bites and goes too hard. The skier is free to go forward and the width of the ski forms a back stop. I have tried deliberately push too hard on the tip at off side and the result is always and unexpectedly good turn.

The round bevels only augment the effect making the whole ski sit deeper in the water.

I am not sure I have expressed this super clearly …. Anyone follow where I am going?

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