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Check Those Off the List

Skoot1123Skoot1123 Posts: 1,825 Mega Baller
Well another day at the lake and a little more confidence. Practicing my gate shot and working toward my stretch goal - 28 off more consistently and getting deeper into 32 and 35 off. Second set: on passes 9 and 10 and -28 falls. First two -28's of the year. I was admittedly a little fatigued so I had the boat slowed down a little from 34.2 - but WOW did they feel great. Was working on a good gate, shoulders level, arms to the vest/handle to the hip and being aggressive. My mindset - make six ball your best one! Yup check those off the list. Time to rinse and repeat!


  • rawlyrawly Posts: 475 Solid Baller
    Way to go man. Keep that fire burning.
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