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First sets on the O’Brien G5

HortonHorton Posts: 29,450 Administrator
I would like to tell you that this ski was love at first sight. Unfortunately the settings I started with are “No Bueno”. The good news is that I know a lot of smart skiers and the Jedi fin master known as Yoda found me some settings that I think are pretty close. The on side is currently fantastic and the off side just needs some fin tweaking to make the ski more forgiving at apex.

My second set on Yoda’s settings I was able to run a 38 and it is a big deal anytime I do that. The 38 I ran was interesting because 1 ball sucked and then somehow I was way early at 6 ball. One ball is my nemesis on every ski.

I suspect that this review period is going to involve more time searching for settings than normal but I also think this ski might be the kick ass stick that no one knows about. Time will tell.

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