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Need tips for hot water skiing

MarcoMarco Posts: 1,412 Crazy Baller
After 7 years of tournament skiing, I've decided to finally go to Nationals. Being a Colorado skier, I haven't skied in water above the low to mid 80's. (The water at a tournament here last weekend was 65!) I imagine the water in San Marcos will be in the 90's. What can I expect that I will need to change in technique to account for the higher water temp? I imagine the work zone gets a little longer to account for the extra drag, but I will only have time for 1 or 2 practice rides to figure it out.

I am not looking to make any fin adjustments, other than maybe flattening my wing a degree or so. Mainly trying to think in advance about what, if any, changes in technique needs to be made for the warmer water.

Any advice is much appreciated.


  • liquid dliquid d Posts: 1,141 Mega Baller
    1 or 2 rides will be plenty. Minor wing change and be aggressive...that water will hold it!
  • MarcoMarco Posts: 1,412 Crazy Baller
    Thanks Kevin, all great tips. Do you know what the water temp at SMRR is? I just got done skiing in 75 degree water, and it felt warm to me. I can't imagine if it is mid 90's.

    Have a blast in CR. Are you skiing with Kilsdonk while you are there?
  • skier2788skier2788 Posts: 740 Crazy Baller
    @Marco‌ don't worry Bryan Sara and you will ski fine. Be patient in your turns. I tend to over turn there. Water is sticky. Pull a little harder behind the boat. It isn't anything major. One set and I am back to my normal. Gate glide is the most noticeable. Go big on your gates compared to here so you don't sink and back foot the turn.
    Travis Torley
  • markchilcuttmarkchilcutt Posts: 935 Crazy Baller
    I ski in Northern Utah on cold water and when i get to warmer water i move my bindings back 1/32. This move puts less tip in the slower softer water and creates a better feeling of center on the ski for me. Just a little info my bud Rossi passed onto me this spring in Florida.
    Ski it if you can!!!!
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