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Wakeye help.

So after a several weeks off from skiing and several new iPhone updates, all our videos from tonight were messed up. The phone was placed into the mount with the correct orientation but upon playback, the video was always at the wrong view (portrait when it should be landscape and vise versa).

I know this has been discussed before and how to fix but it's time for sleepy. I'm hoping someone can answer how to fix this before our morning sets.



  • SkiJaySkiJay Posts: 2,314 Mega Baller
    GoPro. I gave up on using my iPhone. ... Your ski should be your dance partner, not a wrestling opponent
  • MattPMattP Posts: 6,277 Mega Baller
    @I5boi‌ if you are using the wakeye app the videos are only viewable in landscape in the same orientation that they were taken. You have to turn the phone to landscape to view them in landscape. This is different than watching videos you took on your iPhone.
    If you are using the camera on the phone make sure the phone is in landscape recording mode. You can do this by looking at the screen and seeing the time stamp move to the landscape orientation. I have no had any issues recording with my iPhone and the wakeye app.
  • dave_ndave_n Posts: 66 Baller
    @15boi to record in Wakeye and view in landscape not only does the iPhone need to be mounted in landscape, but also it must be mounted with the volume buttons ( situated on the side of the phone ) underneath. As soon as you turn it that way you will see the data displayed at the top of the landscape screen. I've also recorded dozens of sets without issues now.
  • jipster43jipster43 Posts: 1,450 Crazy Baller
    I've had a few passes that recorded in portrait mode mysteriously - sandwiched between passes in the same set that recorded properly in landscape mode.

    Today I am having difficulty pulling up yesterday's sets at all. I've powered my iphone down several times now and still no change in the Wakeye app. But I've been very pleased with the app and it's performance and can overlook the occasional glitch.
  • darinmontgomerydarinmontgomery Posts: 22 Baller
    I've not been able to get the Wakeye app working with the iOS 8.0.2. It worked perfectly on my 5s but hasn't recorded on my 6 running the new iOS. Hopefully they will update soon.
  • I5boiI5boi Posts: 156 Baller
    Thanks for the iOS info. This isn't user error as I am using both the mount, app, etc. as I have been. I have to believe it is some issue with iOS??
  • JibboJibbo Posts: 144 Water Ski Industry Professional
    Unfortunately an update went out (1.6) before iOS 8 was released and there are significant bugs. Update 1.7 has these issues fixed and just waiting for Apple to review and release.
  • I5boiI5boi Posts: 156 Baller
    Thanks @Jibbo‌ you have confirmed some of our thoughts.
  • JibboJibbo Posts: 144 Water Ski Industry Professional
    edited October 2014
    After a couple of attempts to get the Wakeye App working in IOS 8 a new version with bug fixes is now available. Version 17.1.1

    Try the new 120fps feature for improved video quality for the 5S and 6 iPhone
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