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What trick ski should I buy

pmickpmick Posts: 4 Baller
My son just joined the OSU Ski team (as a freshman) and wants to start leaning how to trick ski. He can ski (15 off at 34mph) and wakeboard fairly well. We have a Mastercraft 2007 Prostar TT 197. He is about 5'7" 140lb. I am trying to decide what trick ski to buy him D3, Radar, Reflex, quantum ...and on.
For what I read he should be on a 42" trick ski. I found a 2007 KD 7000 42" on try-it-again for $300. 2014 Radar Gravity 42" for $480. A Reflex Trick Ski Stealth 43" for $475. A 2014 D3 CX trick ski 43" for $525. and the list can go on if I look at new trick skies. Any ideas and advice?


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