Muffler Leak

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I've been taking on more water than I should this past Summer but I could never find where it was coming from. Friday I was winterizing my boat when I found the leak. My muffler has a small leak. It is leaking right where it connects to the hose going out the back of the boat.
In the picture you can see a metal strap right where the two come together. The strap also attaches to the boat. That is where it is leaking. What do I need to do to fix it so it doesn't leak water any longer?




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    @garn, I did the exact same thing a few weeks ago. What I did was pull off muffler and you will see where the muffler will is cracked, try and spread it out if you can? you will need something to expand it. If not it isn't a super big deal, But you need to get some epoxy or fiberglass resin to fix the crack. I also put some silicone around the end of the muffler just to help make sure it stayed sealed. don't over tighten the hose clamps, otherwise it will probably do it again.

    or buy a muffler for 250.00 which I thought was the crazy option
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    Ditto, Fiberglass and Epoxy. Clean the crack and surrounding area well. Rough up the surface with sand paper. Spread out crack, fill with epoxy, wrap area with fiberglass, and cover with epoxy. My muffler also cracked 4 years ago and was the source for excess water in the bilge. After repair no more leaks. It has been great for 4 years and counting.
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    Thanks for your help @ToddF and @david_ski.
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