Off-centering front binding

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I am thinking about off centering my front binding, I have hardshells.  I am a believer in canting the rear binding for more comfort and balance, but I had not considered the front binding until recently, actually after seeing Goode's website on binding placement.  I don't like the idea of canting the front, but off centering to counter the rear makes sense.  I am right foot forward so moving the binding to the right (but straight) and then pivoting my rear binding out seems like that would balance the ski better.

Anyone else doing this?



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    No more than an 1/8th inch.  you may like it.
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    Still wondering...

    What would be wrong with pivoting the front out as opposed to moving it over?  Wouldn't it accomplish the same thing?
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    I used to rotate my front foot back when I had Fogman's (RFF).  It helped my off side at the time, kind of like when surfing or skateboarding.  I'd try the same thing, but the RS-1 plate has no provision for canting the front boot.  (2 cents worth)
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    You can pivot the front boot with the RS1's!! You cant move the plate in that direction, but underneath you can pivot both bindings either way
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    Can you pivot the rear boot on the old "current" RS-1s? Good deals out there on them right now.

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    Yes, you can pivot both front and rear.
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    My front boot is offset about 2mm to the left. This helps my offside turn a lot (RFF). It is a useful tuning technique but you need to be creative to attach the boots. Hardshells make it easier and you can move more than 1/8 if you want with the hardshells.

    Note that I needed to cant the back foot because the offset front boot was putting a weird load on my hip. I don't like the performance of the canted rear but it is better than a sore hip.

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    Boody: I know a female skier that is RFF and she has her front boot close to a 1/2" to the right of center with no rotation! Oh she gets into 41 off (well at least one @ 41)Goode 9900SL w powershell 5. Keith Albritton
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    Can someone explain what off-centering does?
  • stone88stone88 Posts: 92
    Quite often, especially with double boots, people angle the rear boot slightly to make it more comfortable. This puts more weight on 1 side of the ski so by moving the front binding slightly in the opposite direction you get the weight balanced through the centre again
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    So then, the question is... why not rotate the front as well?
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    I use to cant my front 1/8th and the rear 1/4 on Fogmans. I originally set up my Powershell 5's that came with my 9900WR the same way. Over time they kept working their way larger than that on their own.  I'm guessing 1/2 front and 3/4 rear. After resetting them twice I FINALLY ACCEPTED THE FACT that that is where they want to be and I'm skiing better than ever.......ED
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    Moving the binding to the side will change the load and leverage on the edge of the ski. Move the binding closer to one edge and you will add pressure to that edge while decreasing it to the other.

    Rotating the binding might do the same thing if you were always loading the foot the same fore and aft. But if the boot is rotated and you are loading the front of your foot then the center of pressure will be different from a heel loaded balance point. I shift my weight fore and aft a lot so a canted boot changes the edge feel of the ski. A straight boot is more predictable.

    The rear boot should be less heavily loaded and more consistently front loaded so there will be less variation in edge pressure with a canted rear boot. Comfort is probably a bigger factor for a good feel.

  • DekeDeke Posts: 370 Baller
    Thanks Eric. I think I get it now. The front rotation for me is a comfort thing. It took a lot of stress off of my knee now that it is aligned more naturally, but I do wonder what other effects it may have. Honestly I didn't notice much change in the skiing.

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