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I have been using the MPD that I bought new early in the season and have been progressing well on it and have really enjoyed the ski. Today, I was skiing a more difficult pass for me and had a handle pop that caused the damage that can be seen in the attached photos. I was wondering if this is a normal thing to happen to a ski, or if it was something that was wrong with the ski. It seems to be kind of a weird case to me as I have seen many handle pops before but have never seen one damage a ski like this. If someone could give me some advice on how to possibly patch this in a decent manner it would be much appreciated.


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    Ouch, I have been lucky so far and only taken the tip off a few times and put a nice dent in the top.

     You can fix this, but think you will have to file down the narly stuff being really careful to not change the top edge and bevel of the ski.

    Fill in the remaining gap with JB Weld and then block sand down to match the rest of the ski.

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    That's nothing. I have destroyed the top edge of a ski from the edge to an inch and a half inward with a handle pop before. Not a big deal. MarineTex is your friend.  You can fix a ski with it, sand it, and then find a way to paint it to match. Done it many times for myself and others. Or take it to a good snow ski shop. They usually see that type of damage regularly and can fix it with ease.
    Shane "Crash" Hill

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    That looks like a real good one, in a bad way.  Fortunately it is far up near the tip.  I have used 2 part epoxy or JB weld to fix some handle pops in the past.  I don't think you would have any problems fixing that damage.  Just clean it up by trimming around the damage.  I used a dremel tool and actually made sure that I trimmed back beyond the extents of the damage to make sure I removed the ends of the damage along that edge between the top and side of the ski.  This will make sure there are no stress risers left to promote cracking under torsional load.
    Bob Grizzi
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