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"Life Of a WaterSkier" 2015 Calendar by Tiare Miranda Photography

HortonHorton Posts: 28,297 Administrator

Announcing the 2015 "Life Of a WaterSkier" calendar by Tiare Miranda Photography. Stunning images of water skiing and the skiing lifestyle. This calender is a must have for every waterski enthusiast. Get yours at 

FRONT 1st Page  second copy

Featuring some of the best water skiers in the world.


 Adam Sedlmajer - K.C Wilson - Claire Lise Welter - Nate Smith - Morgan Diehl - Regina Jaquess - Nancy Chardin - Adam Pickos - Rodrigo Miranda - Martin Kolman - Natallia Berdnikava - Felipe Miranda - Lauren Morgan - Daniel Odvarko - Manon Costard - Danni Amir 

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