Notice to Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac users. If you have log in issues this message is for you.

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I have had an open support ticket open with the folks at Vanilla Forum for almost a month now. Vanilla Forum remains the best forum software I know of to manage this community so I am sticking with them unless they really can’t fix this. I spoke to a support person today. I have been assured that we will solve the log in issues.

Until the issue can be isolated please try using Google Chrome as your browser instead of Apple Safari. For many users this is the solution.

If you have a Gmail account or OpenID Account you may find that you can sign with those accounts in but this is for tech savvy users only. (see the buttons in the right hand column)

If you have a Facebook account you can use it to log in but it will change your user name to your real name from Facebook. (see the buttons in the right hand column)

If you have a Twitter account you can use it to log in. You can choose (keep) your use name but you may need a different email address than you originally used to create your account. (see the buttons in the right hand column)

If you try to use any of these log in methods and think you have screwed up everything just send me an email. 99% of the time I can fix it. [email protected]

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