Shipping a boat from Buxton Marine

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We just bought an '06 196TE from Buxton Marine this morning:) First off, kudos to Buxton as they are awesome!! I'm blown away at the customer service, and highly recommend them to anyone in the market! Do you guys have any advice on the most cost-effective method to ship it up to WI? I'll try uShip for bids, but Buxton also has a guy who charges $1.35 per mile which seems kind of high?

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    road trip!- then you can ski it when you're there. If not then be careful with uShip- you'll get some non-legit offers. You might check with the RV dealers and see if you can find somebody hauling RVs from the factories in Northern Indiana- I found a guy to bring me a boat to Indy from Sacramento on his way back to pick up another RV in Elkhart. Having the dealer shrink wrap the boat for shipping was money well spent.

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    Nice boat. Like the black and gray. Great price, too! I'm assuming the Excalibur engine will be receiving a ZO retrofit.

    I think there was some discussion on here about Wayne from uShip as being a great choice to ship the boat.

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    Just my typical local guy recommendation
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    The "Wayne" from uShip is from AutoKraft and has user id "autokraft123". When I last looked, he has a perfect 5 star rating on all 144 reviews.

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    No idea about shipping, but have to agree that the guys at Buxton are top notch.
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    Had my eye on that one too, nice looking boat! Ended up getting an '08, just made the deal today!
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    Congrats!! The '08 that popped up on SIA? Nice boat if it is! I can all but guarantee I will have the lowest price ZO boat on the planet... At least a "late" model. So stoked at the deal we worked out!

    Scott Calderwood

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    Sweet boat! Fly down, ski it, rent a truck and drive it home!
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    Your best bet is uship, in October we had our 200 shipped form MI to CA. When you do get offers, be sure the person has multiple reviews and is legit. We had our boat shipped in 2 and a half days it was great!
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    I have used multiple shippers, you are getting real good advice on choosing a shipper. Most important to me if the dealer has the availability to shrink wrap the boat. Its worth the money. I keep a Malibu shrink wrap from the factory at all times. That way if I have to ship a boat, I have a shrink wrap. I had a cover come off on one of my boats I shipped. Learned a lesson.

    Still have that 14 TXI $42,500. Pics on SIA It needs a new home.

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    Beautiful TXi Jeff has for sale. Great price too, just more than we decided to bite off this year.

    Scott Calderwood

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    Congrats on the purchase. I recall you have been looking for quite a while.

    I know if it were me I would be driving down and picking it up, but I also understand that is not feasible for most. (I like driving and can average 1000 miles a day pretty easy) With regards to the cost per mile you were quoted. That is actually pretty reasonable; $2 or more a mile is not uncommon.

    Hauling the bout on the provided trailer vs. on separate trailer is something to inquire about as well. I would prefer that my boat and trailer be put on a separate trailer - should be pretty feasible with a 196. I would also get the whole thing wrapped before it leaves Texas, lots of winter out there!

    Congrats again. That's a beautiful boat!

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    Buxton will shrink wrap it after it's detailed. I may just drive down, ski then head north and wait for the ice to melt. Also thinking of flying down, but I'm not sure there's a rental company that allows one to tow? I've never checked.

    Scott Calderwood

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    @oldjeep I requested a quote from your guy, thanks!

    @BrennanKMN I'll pay you to go get it:)

    Scott Calderwood

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    Lots of places to ski down here nearby.
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    I looked into renting a truck and towing. Nobody allows it but all full size vehicles have receivers?? They really get you on a one way rental though. Would have been way cheaper to drive down. I did end up paying 1.25 per mile. Mine was a pontoon out of Florida. For a ski boat up u really ought to road trip it and sneak in a set. Either way congrats!
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    Rent a SUV it is usually cheaper then renting a truck.
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    Probably not the best advice but I had a buddy that towed a dune buggy one way from California to Michigan. He reserved trucks through a few rental companies at the airport. He went company to company and crawled under the trucks to see which one had a receiver. Budget had a Chevy truck with a trim piece over the receiver. He just removed the trim and installed a hitch. Once he got back he just put the trim back and they were none the wiser.
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    I did what @Tidbury buddy did. Worked great but 1 way rentals are $600 plus.
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    I think a semi-retired buddy of mine is running down for me. It'll save me quite a bit of scratch.

    Scott Calderwood

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