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Wondering In February

ALPJrALPJr Posts: 2,223 Mega Baller
I was watching the downhill world champs last week. I had a thought that Ballers could take a que from the downhillers. They have three events - downhill, super g and slalom. Could we have existing slalom, and one or two other slalom like events, like a random buoy course, or an extra wide and longer course? Would we need different skis and set ups for each event? Would manufacturers and marketing geeks love this? Would more skiers have more fun?


  • HortonHorton Posts: 29,419 Administrator
    sounds like fun but it is SOOOO hard to get skiers to do something new

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  • EdbrazilEdbrazil Posts: 1,396 Historical Baller
    Got to agree with Horton. There have been a few experiments. Of course, the very early days of
    Slalom didn't have our current-design type course. Scenes from the 1939 ? Nationals show skiers
    weaving around a line of waist-high buoys. At the 1947 Nationals, organized by Chuck Sligh,
    the now-familiar course was first used for a Nationals, according to his Hall of Fame bio.

    This clip from 1954 shows Dick Pope weaving around a non-standard course with a 'flush' in it:

    Look at the 10 second mark. Doubt that it was the actual tournament course.

    Former AWSA President, AquaSport ski maker, and Nationals promoter Larry Brown once wrote
    an article for the WaterSkier favoring the "Random Slalom Course". That was around 1960. I'll
    have to try to dig that article up at the Water Ski Foundation's library.

    Carl Roberge, at one time, was advocating a Giant Slalom course, to be run at a higher speed.
    I don't know if any tests were done. Could be some wicked falls!

    In tricking, ramp tricks were on and off in the Rules. Al Tyll's first run over 4000 points was
    done with a ramp trick. 2 skis: back approach, ramp front, air O. Several trickers at the 1964
    Nationals had ramp tricks, including Carl Lyman with a flip on one ski.

    When the Pro Tour was in its heyday, Freestyle was featured, and was a very popular event
    for the spectators. Some of the stuff they did was near unbelievable. As in 1-ski flips over
    130 feet.

    Ski Flying (around 2000) caught on for a while. The specifications are still in the IWWF Rules.
    See World Rule # 18 and also Diagram 2. I can't find Ski Flying in the current AWSA Rules. I'd
    like to see it revived as a special event on a limited basis and done right, similar to what
    they do in snow ski jumping.
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