Echo Skis Trick Rope Review

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Echo Skis is a new rope brand on the market and you may have seen some posts here recently regarding the company.

I just received a new Echo Skis Trick Rope. Echo skis uses Dyneema material for their ropes so it is a non stretch and knotless with a large loop for the handle end. They also use the sliding loop to prevent the rope from popping off the pylon. This is a great safety feature I have really like on slalom ropes here recently. A feature offered is to get the whole rope covered in a plastic coating to prevent rope abrasion, which I did not get. Talking with Ryan the length of their spectra rope is fairly close to those of other manufactures it's 45' total within that 45' is two 3' removal sections. I'll probably add my float section from another rope for that rare case I do some toes...

One thing that peaked my interest about Echo Skis is that at the time of purchase you pick a NCWSA team and $5 of your order is donated to that team to put towards a new rope. As a NCWSA skier I see that the future of our sport is with today's college skiers and we need to support them in any way possible.

I'm looking forward to giving this rope a go here in the next week. I will keep y'all updated on my thoughts.
(T-Shirst can be found HERE)

Sorry guys no unboxing video I leave those to @horton.


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    Cool that they "pay it forward" to college teams!
    I'm a little curious how the slip loop would work with various release methods.
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    @ToddL , with some releases the slide loop is large enough to still work with the release. If it is not you have two options.
    One, remove a three foot section and attach it backwards and you will have a standard loop.
    Two, wait a few weeks and we will be offering our own rope float

    Thanks, for the unboxing article Matt.
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    @ToddL I have looked at the rope and I don't see it as being a problem, but I will let you know after I give it a go.

    And so everyone knows @rab is behind echo skis.
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