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Had a ride on a 67.5 this weekend and loved it. Found it more stable than a D3 CX even at 28mph. So fast and unbelievable through the turns and actually very forgiving. Only thing is when I put it next to the D3, which is also a 67.5, it looks much longer. Does anyone know if this is a very big looking ski because I'm wondering if they could have marked it wrong in the shop and its actually a 69.
Anyone know how you measure a ski?


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    A 67.5 SS should measure just a bit over 67 from tip to tail (no rocker) and closer to 68 if you measure the rocker.
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    Is there a consistent way that manufacturers measure skis.  In the snow ski industry there used to be some manufacturers that measured running length which was along the bottom of the ski and some measured what they called cord length which was straight line from the tip to tail.  You could have two skis stamped 200cm that would be different in length.  I have been out of the snow ski industry for a while so I don't know if that is still true.
    Mark Shaffer
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    Chef, I believe that everyone but Goode measures running length. Goode(who of course also makes snow skis) measures cord length.
    Stone88, one thing I've found is that width and shape of the ski changes your perspective on length. Even when two skis are side by side. 67 Elite next to my 67 Senate C. You would swear that the SC is longer. But the tale of the tape measure doesn't lie, and they are almost identical.
    Shane "Crash" Hill

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    Yeah I think thats proably it, even the width along different points of the ski, the sixam looks wider to me than the D3 but in fact they are very similar all the way along. I will measure tonight!
  • Just measured it, 67.5 almost exactly (including rocker)

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