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Help with Ski-it-Again

ncskierncskier Posts: 25 Baller
Hey folks I am new to the forum and ski-it-again, so if there is a good thread out there direct me to it.

Can anybody give me advice with ski-it-again? What is the best way to handle transactions with it? What are the risk in using it and is scam or theft common. I am completely new to ski it again and paypal. Please share your personal experiences and the best way to handle things. I am looking to purchase some used gear off of it out of state.


  • foxriveratfoxriverat Posts: 574 Crazy Baller
    The only problem I've had on ski it again is spam email if you're selling. If your buying just pay with paypal very safe. If someone asks you to send paypal payment as gift to save on fee's. Don't do it or you're transaction will not be covered.
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  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 6,006 Mega Baller
    I have bought and sold multiple skis on ski it again and never had any issues with it at all. It has been a very safe place for me to transact. PayPal is an easy way to pay for and receive payment. I have also sent and received money orders for skis on SIA without any issue.
    Mark Shaffer
  • ncskierncskier Posts: 25 Baller
    Can somebody explain how paypal works? Does the seller not receive the payment until the product is shipped? How does paypal ensure that the buyer and seller are treated fairly? These are all good replies, thanks for the help!
  • foxriveratfoxriverat Posts: 574 Crazy Baller
    2000 Malibu Response LX 2019 65 HO Syndicate Omni Vapor Bindings
  • I5boiI5boi Posts: 155 Baller
    If you are looking for a scammer. Try Eric or the Dr. somethinaruther with Radar products out of Portland. Great selection and pricing but they will only sell on-line. They will not meet in person.
  • slvrbulitslvrbulit Posts: 194 Baller
    I have used ski-it-again many times with no problems
  • skihardskihard Posts: 563 Crazy Baller
    I have bought 2 skis off Ski it Again and sold 3. The latest just got sent out this morning to central Florida.
    PayPal works. As soon as the money is in my account I get an email confirmation it's there and I'm good to send the product out.
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