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2013 Nautique software update

RykertOT3RykertOT3 Posts: 7 Baller
so the dashboard screen on my club's 2013 SN 200 just crapped out and I need to download 2 files to upgrade it. Larry Shea at Correct Craft emailed me a diagram showing me the USB port location on the dash so I can plug in my flash drive and do the upgrade. One small problem. there is no USB port in the location specified in the diagram. There is a USB port in the glove box next to the stereo. Has anyone out there done this upgrade, and does the glove box USB port work?
Additionally, is there any way to bring back the old version if the upgrade doesn't work? Why the hell would CC design a system that ceases to function until it can be upgraded? CC told us it was designed that way.
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