Radar Vapor Lithium vs Graphite vs Alloy

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Need some help. Looking at picking up a second hand or previous year ski. I have narrowed it down to the Vapor but I am not sure which version to get. I am thinking the graphite version, but not sure. I am 5'8" 165-170 lbs. I currently ski on a 67" KD CR7-Titanium and I think it is time to get into some new technology. I have spent some time in the course, but plan to put a lot more time into it this summer. The other time is spent free skiing but only in calm water (glass to 3in chop) I ski from 34-36. Working on getting into 28' off.
So my question is 66" or 67" Lithium, Graphite, or Alloy? How much of a weight difference is there between the alloy and the Graphite? I have a feeling that the Lithium might not make a difference and might be too twitchy for open water skiing.

What are your thoughts?


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