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So I bought a boat. Now what?

Rpc29Rpc29 Posts: 218 Crazy Baller
I recently bought a 1995 Prostar 190 (and by recently I mean I haven't even put eyes on it, I'm picking it up this weekend).

This is my first boat purchase and I want to make sure I'm going to keep the boat in great shape. Any tips or tricks that all of you guys use to keep everything looking and functioning at a high level?
Ryan Christopher


  • 6balls6balls Posts: 5,477 Mega Baller
    You will hear lots...I will take one off the beaten path:

    Armor all foam does an amazing job making the rubrail on my '91 centurion look like new. I also use it on the black dash housing, black glove box door (and wheels on occasion).
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • kstateskierkstateskier Posts: 524 Solid Baller
    order 303 by the gallon, it'll save money over the long run.
    Bradley Beach - Lone Rock Ski Club, Missouri
    2004 Malibu Response LXI, 2014 D3 Helix 66"
  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 6,813 Mega Baller
    As someone who knows very little about engines, my secret has been to have a reputable dealer do off-season winterization, oil change, etc. This seems to lead to many years of stress-free operation.

    As many will attest, I barely care what my boat looks like, especially anything that can be fixed with one professional cleaning, which I do each winter. But one worthwhile trick is that if you get any mildew you can spray Tilex Mold & Mildew (with Bleach) fairly aggressively on the upholstery. Especially effective if you wet down the boat first. There is typically nothing in a boat that is negatively affected by bleach. (Of course test anything you are concerned about first!)
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • oldjeepoldjeep Posts: 3,686 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    303 cleaner and a lot of 303 protectant on the vinyl. Bleach eats the thread and is specifically mentioned as something not to use in my manual, but your mileage may vary. Definitely never use a magic eraser or you will find out that the magic is that it is a sanding sponge.

    I'm from the if you're going to own a boat, you better be a mechanic or rich point of view. Most boat stuff is simple, either post questions here or teamtalk for solutions. Preventative maint is key.

    Good luck.
    Chuck P
    Not a mechanic but I play one at home
  • LeonLLeonL Posts: 2,414 Crazy Baller
    Try to avoid @Than_Bogan ' s problem by keeping your boat as dry as possible. If you get a lot of water in it and store it inside, put a box fan in it or suspended above it for a day. It you have to leave it out with a cover on, good luck. Change oil every 50 hours. Wipe it down and use a spray wax after every use.
    Leon Leonard Stillwater Lake KY - SR Driver SR Judge
  • skibummskibumm Posts: 106 Baller
    If every time you walk by your boat you reach in your wallet and throw in $20 you will be prepared for the cost of ownership. I use boat bling products now as I found the forum deal on them. They have worked very good on the inside. Get a couple of synthetic chamiox or shamwows and wipe it down after every use and do a good polish and wax once a year.
  • TallSkinnyGuyTallSkinnyGuy Posts: 550 Crazy Baller
    Join the Mastercraft Team Talk forum:
    You will find answers to most questions and can ask if you don't. I have never done maintenance or troubleshooting on an engine (or automobile) before and decided to do as much as I can on my boat. The Team Talk crew have helped me tremendously and I've found that the basic maintenance required to keep your boat running well for years is really quite simple.
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 5,477 Mega Baller
    I must be a lucky cost of ownership on each of the two boats Centurion and Nautique has been minimal. Cleaning products ie) wax, some vinegar/water mix, regular fluid changes, impeller change when it's no longer working. Using the same towels to wipe them down after each use for 15 years.
    Let's see...rudder packing, an impeller, and a steering cable in the Nautique. Tilt/hydraulic steering helm added to Centurion outboard. Full upholstery in the Centurion--damn she looks mack daddy.
    This isn't bad given the Centurion in our family since new in '91 and mine since '99. The 2000 Nautique mine since 2010.
    Of course there is insurance, registration, winter storage, depreciation...but in reality these older boats are not depreciating much.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 3,041 Mega Baller
    Baking soda made into a smooth paste for upholstery stains followed by thorough rinsing.
    The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.
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