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Nano XTT settings?

addkerraddkerr Posts: 170 Baller
Hey guys, looking for some settings for a 66" nano XTT.
Iv skied since the release on this ski and tried some recommended settings to me, all lacked the stock feeling some way, but the ski is just missing that ability to make and hold space. Im skiing at 36mph at around 32 off early season, looking to finally break into 38 this year. Has anyone had any luck with setting on this ski other than stock?


  • MrJonesMrJones Posts: 1,766 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    Most guys on Nano's are very close to stock settings. That includes the very high end guys. To me the Nano is good at creating space, but you have to work to hold it.

    My suggestion would be to stay at or very close to stock and focus on outbound direction while keeping the line tight from the second wake out as long as possible.
  • addkerraddkerr Posts: 170 Baller
    Thanks MrJones , thats something im actively working on, so i will keep at it. Early season here in the UK so im not expecting miracles :)
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