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what are you working on?

HortonHorton Posts: 30,602 Administrator
what is your focus this season? What skill are you working to improve?

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  • coxjoncoxjon Posts: 43 Baller
    All about hips forward and handle to hip for me.

    These basics will hopefully give me that extra to get round the course.
  • MrJonesMrJones Posts: 1,809 Mega Baller
    Moving into the gates earlier.
    Staying taller throughout.
    Finishing by moving toward the handle rather than "pulling" it in. (Still suffer from the "reverse banana" as Horton termed it one time)
  • Jody_SealJody_Seal Posts: 3,298 Mega Baller
    It has been a long road trying to ski as a short fat guy! Could get away with it a number of years ago as a men 4 skier and perfect pass but middle men's 5 skier and ZO the fat guy slalom just does not work. Been working on leaning out.. It is amazing what loosing 15 pounds can do for the game! Another 15 maybe level 8 on the rankings list!!
    Hobby Boats can be expensive when the hobbyist is limited on their own skill and expertise.

  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 2,469 Mega Baller
    Balance, handle control, being easier on my body and replacing my Phantom with a V-type.
  • Ed_JohnsonEd_Johnson Posts: 2,272
    Been working on what I considered a Hybrid Technique, combining the best attributes of Freddie Winter and those of Chris Parrish..Very mental, but so far has been working extremely well from 32 through 38.
    Special Thanks to Performance Ski and Surf and the Denali Adam's !!!
  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 3,188 Mega Baller
    Hips up, stay tall, some counter into my onside (especially 1 ball), pushing hip around into a better finish and stack out of offside turn. Gates and 1 ball are my current prime indicator of running the pass or not.
    The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.
  • DavidPDavidP Posts: 184 Baller
    @MrJones, what are you trying to do to replace not "pulling" the handle in? That is my #1 focus this season.
    David Panneton - LakePort Water Ski Club, formerly known as Muddy Waters
  • MattPMattP Posts: 6,263 Mega Baller
    Might be easier to tell you what I'm not working on...
  • PatMPatM Posts: 803 Crazy Baller
    Everything and that's my problem
  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,628 Mega Baller
    Rebuild strength in my left/front leg, and transition timing. At least those are my "right now goals"
  • adkh2oskieradkh2oskier Posts: 193 Baller
    Body position in offside turn needs more focus, push hips up, don't reach to early or forward. If I can remember all that in a split second it will be an accomplishment.
  • 03lightning03lightning Posts: 26 Baller
    Learn to focus and work on one fault at a time and progress from there,not try to fix all my faults in one set.
  • DefectiveDaveDefectiveDave Posts: 479 Solid Baller
    Stack into the wakes and staying connected afterwards.
  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 6,913 Mega Baller
    Mainly trying to re-establish a passable leverage position, although I also need to be more patient at the finish of my off-side turn to have a chance to set up good body position thereafter.

    Really back to basics right now with such a late start and coming off an injury-plagued season. Safe to say this is the least prepared I have ever felt for the start of tournaments (this Sunday).
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • drewski32drewski32 Posts: 218 Baller
    Transition- making it a little earlier and riding the line and casting the ski out instead of skiing straight at the ball. Pretty crucial for me at 32 and 35
  • ToddFToddF Posts: 595 Solid Baller
    Is that a trick question? There is a long list of things Just not sure how to prioritize them.
  • DaveDDaveD Posts: 986 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Really concentrating on healing faster. Hitting the steroids to get rid of a pinched nerve my the upper back.

    When I get back to skiing I will be working on completing my turns with my hips going to the handle.
  • BrennanKMNBrennanKMN Posts: 543 Crazy Baller
    Speeding up, among other things.
    I started this season in January with lessons in Florida where I was running sets at 30 MPH and 15 off. Before the lessons I had a personal best of 28 off at 30 MPH. Took a few months off for the snow to melt and I am back out running 15 off and jumping the speed up .5 MPH each time I make the pass a few times. I am currently working on 33 MPH. Goal is 15 off at 36 MPH by the end of the summer.

    I am also doing a lot more tricking. Every time I hit the course I follow it up with a few runs on the trick ski.
  • jimbrakejimbrake Posts: 1,405 Mega Baller
    Pretty much #3 on @MrJones 's list. I feel like my gate sets me up well for 1 ball at all my line lengths, but I've been battling too hard of a finish at 135 (my onside) for most of my skiing life. Got away with it with hand driving and PP, but not with ZO. Need to ski back to the handle to finish smoothly and in a position that I can then push through the centerline. If I don't, I get a mini "crush" which I can hang onto, but can't change edges until well past the second wake. That don't work at 35 and shorter.
    "...all of the basic fun banter"
  • Onside135Onside135 Posts: 443 Crazy Baller
    edited June 2015
    This list of things I need to work on is slightly overwhelming, so I'm just trying to get my spray bigger.
  • Razorskier1Razorskier1 Posts: 3,425 Mega Baller
    Everything Chet tells me to do.
    Jim Ross
  • thagerthager Posts: 5,212 Mega Baller
    Gates and Standing tall then just getting my feet around the buoy,
    Stir vigorously then leave!
  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 6,066 Mega Baller
    Right now I am just trying to ski some pain free sets and get my Vapor set up right. Keeping a good stack is an important part of that.

    On the set up front the ski felt fine when I was running 22s then when I went to 28 it started to bite on the offside. I moved the front binding back and it seems good at 28 off. I haven't shortened to 32 yet so we will see what happens there. My tuning guru has suggested moving the fin forward if it bites at 32.
    Mark Shaffer
  • TallSkinnyGuyTallSkinnyGuy Posts: 550 Crazy Baller
    My main focus is developing a decent stacked position in my offside. I have actually had the best offside stack I have ever experienced a few times in the last couple days, so I know I can do it but need to be able to do it consistently. Also trying to figure out what technique/style works best for me and then be consistent with that so it gets into my muscle memory and I don't have to think about it so much.
  • skibugskibug Posts: 2,126
    Handle control outbound into my onside turn
    Bob Grizzi
  • gt2003gt2003 Posts: 726 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    As a super beginner, NOT dropping my butt but instead keeping hips up and shoulders square to the boat. That's PLENTY for right now!
    2014 HO TX
    1996 Malibu Echelon
  • MattPMattP Posts: 6,263 Mega Baller
  • klindyklindy Posts: 2,628 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    I'm working on my deep water start. I figure once I can practice more than once every couple weeks I'll probably get pretty good with it! :)
    Keith Lindemulder
    AWSA Chairman of the Board
    AWSA Southern Region EVP
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 5,710 Mega Baller
    @MrJones with ya. Further off the water in the lean, into and out of the ball. Accept less load early, progressively more lean through the wakes...repeat. Had been doing a progressive lean but had too much out of the ball so going from a 8 to a 10 in intensity rather than a 5 to an 8.
    There's lots of other crap, too, but if I connect and lean properly the turns become a lot easier. If I can work this to be more habitual, then I can focus on other things.
    Frustrating part up north is I feel like it's a re-learn every season. What am I working on? Same crap as last year this time of year. Last fall I didn't have to work on this crap and would have been great to keep that part going and refine further over time.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
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