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I need some guidance with my Q45, I am new to D3 skis. I have around 12 sets experience with this ski, having skied on a 66" A3 for the last two+ years.

To quote from the Johns Quest review....."the odd experience of being very early and narrow at the ball". Very noticeable for me at 32off/34mph. I have 'tripped' over a number of buoys recently and need to avoid this experience.

Summary........RFF , Animal Binding/RTP , 66", factory settings applied and checked:-

29.25" Front binding
0.755" (flat)
7 deg wing

From the Quest test review the posiible causes are:- the bindings are too far forward or the fin is to far back.

I appreciate technique is always questionable, its possible I am not staying on the handle long enough. But interested to know if anybody has had a similar experience and what was the best solution. (Technique or settings).



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    @roberto I am trying the Quest 45 coming from an original Quest. Only a few sets but I have been smacking buoys all over the place. I do feel the 45 is a lot less work than he original Quest but I can't seem to get comfortable, I feel early but not wide just as described. I am no expert on skis and setup and not any help just reporting a similar experience.
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    I'm on a 68" Quest 45 and it's the best ski I've been on in years by a mile Totally factory on the fin and wing but I just went to the D3 site and I see they have updated the settings. I'm at 6.935, .4515, and .750. It's fast, early, stable and I have space. Bindings are 30.5. Now to be fair I'm skiing at 32MPH (65 years old) but for the first time in a few years I can run right up the line into 35 off. I have to let off way early to keep from running too wide.
    Chuck Link, Deland Florida
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    @roberto I would consider moving boots back slightly or adding depth (2.500).

    The Quest and Q45 are skis that turn hard. Sometimes too hard depending on set up. If you get too much off the buoy you will get pulled up and narrow into the next ball. I ride a 67" Quest 45 and find myself getting as much width as I want (even at 39/41) but its not the star characteristic of this ski. Its forgiveness and deep carving turns are why you ride a Quest. I have to make sure I don't over turn and stay strong as I move out off the 2nd wake to create the width I need.

    While your settings look good, boots back a bit will will slow down the turn slightly and let you build angle later. It will also make the ski a bit quicker side to side and hopefully cast out. If you find the ski wont come back from the apex soon enough (running down the lake instead) then it was the wrong move and go back to where you were. Some people say its crazy but its not, move 1/16" at a time if you can. One "hole" is way too much.

    More depth should also get you side to side with more space created off the 2nd wake. The ski bevels and shape allow you to run more fin. Similar to the boots, if you find the ski doesnt come around and finish quick enough (not enough tail slide) put it back.

    I am running 29 5/8" size 10 shell Reflex, 17 9/16 Animal rear, 6.932t, 2.506, 0.760f, 7
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    Thanks Kevin, appreciated. Having read a bit more (quest mid term review) and your response I will move the bindings 1/16th . I will report back!

    Oh, I am guilty of not staying strong off the second wake, kind of collapse after all the effort!

    Regards, Roberto
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    Umm.....where are the factory settings for the Quest 45? This is what's currently on the website:

  • webbdawg99webbdawg99 Posts: 1,067 Mega Baller
    So a Google search will actually yield outdated info. Here is the current info.
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