How do brakes work on a Ramlin trailer?

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I just got a new F-150 and 50% of the time the brakes lock up on the trailer while backing. I did not have this problem with past F-150's A work around is putting a bolt in the hitch to prevent the brakes from activating. I will post a pick later. The new truck has a trailer setup in the menu and I chose electric override. Kinda lost here. Any thoughts?



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    What brake actuator does Ramlin use? I'm assuming it has surge brakes so there is a solenoid that should lock out the brake actuation when going in reverse. This is usually actuated by the reverse lights being powered through the trailer plug on the back of the truck. Since its intermittent I would look at that circuit on the trailer and possibly the truck. It could just be a bad connection between the trailer and truck connector. Is it a direct connection or do you have an adaptor plug between the truck and trailer connectors?
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    Thanks @Wayne I will post some photos when I figure out how to on this site. Most likely a problem with the connection. Thanks for the info.
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    A lot of trailers have a brake override solenoid that is actuated when the vehicle is in reverse. You must of had this before. The brakes are hydraulic when you put your brakes on in your truck is compresses a cylinder that is just behind the trailer's hitch. By backing up you also compress the cylinder and activate the brakes. I think the override is typically a blue wire on the trailer if I remember right. Check your manual in you new truck I bet it has a reverse power for trailer hookup.
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    @Tdub if you need any help posing photos let me know. Try consulting the FAQ thread at the top of the forum. Easy solution is drag the file to the text box.
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    By the do you post photos? I do not see an option. Thanks.
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    The center pin on the 7-way connector is for the reverse lights and it also will be used to lock out the surge brakes for backing up. Are you sure you are seating the connector fully into the plug on the truck? I have made that mistake before when Ford switched to their latest trailer connector if it's not all the way in they reverse function is usually then sign.
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    Thanks @Wayne. I think you could be on to something. Thanks again.
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    >The new truck has a trailer setup in the menu and I chose electric override

    Not sure what that is, are you sure it doesn't say electric over hydraulic?

    You should have it set at Default - which is for no brakes, surge brakes or standard electric brakes
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    @Tdub, you most likely have a flat 5 plug on your ramlin. I also have a 15 f150. It comes standard with a built in 7 round, and a flat 4 on the bumper, but not a flat 5. What I got was a 7 round to flat 5 adaptor, so the reverse wire surge lockout works when you put the f150 in reverse. The 7 round to flat 5 adaptor can be hard to find in auto stores, but I found one on line. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks to all. I have not had an opportunity to mess with the brakes (or ski) but I will check out all the tips you gave me as soon as I can. Blowing northeast today again. Not good for our site.
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