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Orlando Ski Sites

DNADNA Posts: 1
edited October 2009 in News & Other Stuff
Might have an opportunity to move to Orlando for a year to go back to school.  Just thinking about it makes me smile...would take my family and hope to ski a ton while we are there.  I know there are lots of ski schools but they are not really practical for skiing every day.   I need advice or contacts for renting a place on a lake or at least be close to a ski site.  Have my own boat and driver but need access somewhere, maybe partner with someone or would be happy to join in with a club if there is opportunity.  I hope someone might have some suggestions on where to start looking.  Any suggestions for lakes or locations?  Would be more than willing to house sit for someone at Hancock<img src="" border="0" alt="Tongue out" title="Tongue out" />
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