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I have only been tricking for two seasons now, but with my wakeboard background, I picked it up quickly. I have been standing up a consistent 1540 run largely due to my backflip. However, no matter how many times I practice and ride away, it is always a very sketchy landing. I always land very far back on the ski and smack my butt/back on the water before I can regain my balance. I have tried standing forward on the ski as I cut into the wake and it seems to help a little, but the landings are still hard. Any advice on how to soften the landings and ride away clean?


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    I did that for 20 years and still revert back to it out of habit when I don't focus on it!

    I think you've got it figured out. Stand a bit taller and weight on your front foot comming Into the wake. You likely have your hips a bit back and shoulders forward. Wait for the top of the wake to throw it too, but the landing is usually a result of your approach position.

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    If you are riding out the BFL you are doing a lot right! But you need to fix the basics to make it smooth and fast.

    First, start from not too far outside the spray line. Turn in smoothly with a progressive turn. I like to start with a big WO or WF and land on a slight edge back in. I want to take the previous trick as wide as possible but still establish a solid edge -kind of like a slalom preturn. Don't get wide, crank a turn and rocket into the wake. It's all about a progressive turn.

    Keep the turn progressing all the way up the wake. Wait, I'd be going backwards if I really did that. It does feel like that to me. I even try to carve through the air which feels OK if I've loaded the rope with a progressive enough turn.

    This is all a progressive load as well. To apply this load you need a lot of edge. The whole ski worth. Which means you need to be smoothly adding tip pressure. The tip pressure should max out at the base of the wake. You should be standing fairly tall (not much knee bend) and just lever the pressure with your whole body (no springing, popping or throwing). Ride that leveraged pressure all the way through the wake (and the last couple degrees of the progressively developing turn).

    If you are patient and carry the turn and load all the way into the air, the rope will pull you over the top and do most of the work of the flip. Trust it and you'll be able to spot your landing.

    Landing on edge really helps the trick. Landing on the edge cutting out can work but ideally you want to land on the edge cutting back in (you will still be heading out but it's back to that slalom preturn feel again). It's also a lot easier to stay forward and not butt out when the edge to cut back in is engaged. Plus you are ready for the reverse flip with no loss of time.

    One little trick that helped me was to focus on keeping my hands just a little lower. Maybe it improves my leverage or maybe just keeps me from tugging. But it seemed to help cure the butting out.

    Good luck,
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    Here is a video. The under-rotation is usually not a problem, but that landing is definitely the usual result. Thanks for the tips so far! I am excited to practice with these new thoughts.
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    You are doing a lot of things right!

    You are letting up a bit right at the base of the wake. Keep the carve going and more importantly keep the tip pressure on. Maybe you are going a bit early - be patient and don't throw it. Think roll not backflip to keep you from the backwards weight shift you are getting.

    Also try to land on that inside edge smoothly.

    It might be helpful to get some time behind a wakeboard boat or really weight your boat. This will force you to adapt your style a bit and might widen your tolerance on the trick mechanics.

    Do about 100 more and you'll get it dialed.

    Good work,
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    On this toe side back flip make sure you keep edging and make your move away from the boat more aggressive. The boat will do more work for you bringing you to you feet instead of your butt. It will basically take over and do the work for you.
    Hope this helps.
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    Who is this @Chet guy and what does he know about trick?
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    @MattP - @Chet was doing flips before you were born!
    Is it time to ski, yet?
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    @dchristman yes, yes they don't call it an air Raley for no reason. Trying to educate the slalom junkies that one of the best slalom coaches in the business is a trick guru.
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    Thank you all! I have had a few long sets and they are getting smoother very quickly
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