2016 Centurion Carbon Pro first impressions

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Last Saturday I received my 3rd Centurion in 2 years and I am extremely impressed. My first two boats were darn good but I think the 2016 is more refined. It is the little things that add up to a nicer boat. The things that the naysayers used to say about Centurion seem to all be gone.

Some folks complained about a transition “clunk” noise on the 2015 and earlier boats. The transmission on the 2016 is as smooth and quiet as any boat I have ever driven. Personally I never thought the transmission “clunk” was a big deal but some folks found it objectionable.

I do not know how but the 2016 Centurion is remarkably quiet. Maybe credit goes to PCM. The engine box seems extra heavy so maybe that is where the sound deadening is happening. I do not know what they did but it is pretty quiet even with the throttle wide open.

I normally like a moderate amount of rudder load and find that any boat that does not have enough load feels vague and is hard to drive. My new boat has basically zero rudder load but the steering is feels very tactile. I have no plans to mess with the rudder.

I have not yet driven anything past 32 off / 34mph yet but somehow this boat is just easy to drive. My friends Mark and Carla came over to ski. Carla drove for Mark for a bunch of 32s and told me she wanted the boat after she drove it.

Is it pretty? Are you kidding me? The interior is killer and you have to see the black gelcoat with silver metal flake in person.

The bad news – The 2016 is likely to be the last year you can get a 5.7 engine in a Centurion. I believe the other 3 brands will move away from the 5.7 in 2016.

In 2017 Centurion will have the 5.3 and a 6.2. These engines are going to drive up the price on all boats by about $5k (or more). So if you are looking to get a Centurion before the price goes higher you have about 12 months to get it done.

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