Differences Between 2015 and 2014 TXi?

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I've heard a few folks say that the 2015 TXi was an improvement over previous models. Anybody have firsthand knowledge of what the differences are?
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    Change to PCM Crusader power in 2015 which is located 3-4" further forward than the Indmar powered units in years prior.
    Have not skied the 2015 but moving the engine forward would likely yield some wake and tracking differences/improvements.
    Believe the Livorsi throttle was also introduced in '15.
    Some other not as important changes are the availability of a pylon mounted billet 2 cup holder and the rear cup holders previously mounted into the rear of the engine box (could heat up your cold beverage in record time) are now located in the middle of the rear seat bottom.
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    We get a new TXi every year so I have first hand experience. The throttle handle, steering wheel, and engine placement are the most notable improvements. The 15 steering wheel looks 1000% better than that oddball single-spoke wheel they used for a few years and has a good feel/weight to it. The throttle handle/mechanism is another great improvement in feel vs. the old center-button unit which I also always thought was a little odd. Our lake requires a sharp U-turn to enter the course on both sides and I noticed that the 15 turned harder/felt more connected to the water right away. I also think they may have raised the drivers seat a bit too.

    That said all the TXis we've had have driven and skied well. At the end of the rope I really didn't notice any difference in the wake of the 15 vs the 14, and that's at 22/28/32 off 34mph. The 2015 is the best Malibu I've driven so far, for sure, so the incremental improvements are nontrivial.
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    The 15 is noticeably quieter inside than the 14.
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    I basically agree with @jhughes. The tracking in the club '15 is better than the '14. The throttle is better. The wheel is better. I'd even venture to say the wake is a touch better at 22 off.

    I also believe it is the best Malibu I've driven, especially at 36 mph.
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  • Texas6Texas6 Posts: 2,197
    Exactly what I was looking for guys; thx for the detailed replies!!
    Daryn Dean - Lakes of Katy, TX
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    Oh yeah @jhughes forgot about the new steering wheel cause we tossed our fugly single spoke right away and put on the current factory wheel.
    Just couldn't stand looking at that mid '80's Oldsmobile wheel. Looked completely out of place.
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    For a 6'3" tall guy, the drivers seat in the 2015 is now too high. My line of sight is now directly through the top bar of the windshield. In previous models, the drivers seat was a little low, but not too bad for my height.
    Kelvin Kelm, Lakes of Katy, Katy Texas
  • Texas6Texas6 Posts: 2,197
    @Kelvin - I'd gladly pass on buying a Malibu in exchange for being 6'3"
    Daryn Dean - Lakes of Katy, TX
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    I drove/skied a '14 and a '15 on two different days recently, same private lake. Both nice. Strangely felt if I had to pick one it would narrowly be the '14. Just tracked/handled a little squeak better, and definitely had more power.

    With the '15 we skied with driver and two observers and it was "all of it" out of the hole...now that was a reasonable pace...but we used all of it...you only get one kind of hole shot option. I like a pretty strong hole shot as a skier and would have liked a little more but I understand I'm an aberration there. No trouble running a 36 mph skier on a tourney lake with either of 'em.

    Also ran the 6.2 Prostar that week. Huge power that could be attenuated with bigger prop and be easier to modulate. Sight lines amazing and, as a result, I felt it was easier to place in the course. Back moves a little but I felt dead center in the course was easier in the Prostar as a driver. Splitting hairs here, folks.
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    I'd prefer to ski behind and drive a 15 TXI than any other boat this year. All the reasons jhughes mentioned. But I do agree with Kelvin. They went too farther the other direction from the previous year's seat height. Even at 6 ft, my sight line is high enough that I need glasses on to keep from drying out my contacts when I'm behind the wheel.
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  • Razorskier1Razorskier1 Posts: 3,425 Mega Baller
    In general, the 2015 feels smoother and more refined than the 14, but the new engine is soft compared to the 14.
    Jim Ross
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    I'm only 5'8" so should be perfect for me. Assume 2016 is the same as 2015?
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    One year!
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    I wonder if the 2016 txi will get the same drivers seat as all the other 2016 Malibu's. Height adjustable, finally. I've got a 4" seat lift in my vtx since at stock height I look at the frame.

    Not sure if it'll happen that soon since the txi is years behind the other boats for most features. 2012 was the last year for that crappy single spoke wheel in the vtx. I also replaced it with the 2013 vtx version (txi got in 2015)
    Chuck P
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    Our '15 is awesome except for the gosh darn gps pucks surging throughout the course (and outside of it)!
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