Best option for my first ski ?

Mo2204Mo2204 Posts: 28 Baller
Hello everyone :)

I have been skiing for quite some time now but mainly on the open sea and on a cable station ( and also only a few times per year ). Since I really enjoy skiing I want to do it more often now and decided to join my local club ( which means that i will be driving on the open sea, a cable station and on a really nice and calm river behind a boat ). So I also want to buy my first ski but have no clue what to chose :/

About myself :
165 lbs and 6 feet tall ( I hope those are right since I am from Germany where we normally use kg and meter )
And i would consider myself a pretty confident and save driver.
The price of the ski does not really matter to me.

I would really appreciate some recommendations.
And also I already looked at the Jobe Defiant and Jobe Encore so if you have some experience or opinion on those I would really like to hear it too.
Thanks in advance and sorry for my somewhat bad english.


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