Which ski to pick?

Hello there,
I have decided to buy a new ski, but I can't decide which one out of these three.
I am not looking for the brand new ones, but for the 2013 models.
My weight is 70kg and I am 175cm tall.

Before starting to ride, I do pratice run at 32mph and then go to 34mph. I usually ride [email protected] rope and [email protected] rope.

Currently I am riding O'brien Elite 2009 67" and Radar Strada 2013 67", I enjoyed Elite, because Radar seemed to slow down while Elite was able to keep up the speed through out the course.

Which one to pick - D3 Quest 2013, D3 Fusion 2013, D3 Helix 2013, 2013 HO S2.

I hope to receive the answer from you guys!


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