Nautique with GT-40 Engine

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Hey Ballers - I would like some opinions on a 1995 Nautique with the GT-40 engine. Asking price is $10,500. Thoughts? (I don't know if it has PP or not, but I did enquire) Thanks!


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    The GT-40 is a great engine. Price is in the ballpark depending on overall condition. Adding a 4 blade prop is a worthwhile upgrade if you buy the boat.
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    The boat you are inquiring about: Good boat, good motor...price very dependent on hours/condition, but unless in immaculate condition could be high.

    I've seen some TSC1 (1997-2001) Nautiques asking similar prices or even less at times. Even better hull with the GT40. I'd hold out for one of those.
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    Given realistic hours and condition, sounds fair enough. I paid less than that for mine but had to put $ in it right away.
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    Thanks for the feedback. One drawback is that it doesn't have PP installed on it - I'd have to install that myself. Or - if it could be upgraded to ZO somehow...... Not sure how many hours it has yet. Looks to be in good condition though.
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    We sold our 2001 197 with GT 40 and PPSG for $10K 2 years ago. It had about 1000 hours on it, but it was in very good shape. Yours sounds high, but I don't trade boats very often and have not looked since we sold ours.
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    These NWZ's are overpriced in general IMO. To get a beater boat for less than 8 is tough. No doubt for the same coin you can get into a TSC. some people prefer the look of the slant back over the bubble butt and it takes a decent skier to out ski a NWZ.
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    I agree, sounds a bit high for that year. you could buy my 1999 SN w/ gt40 for a bit more. I do have 1700 hours tho.
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    It has 1100 hrs on it. A number of items have been replaced (thought not sure how recently). I have skied behind a 90's SN and the wake really wasn't bad, plenty of power - though I think it had 343 HP. The only thing I don't know is if I do put PP on it, what version will it have to be? The servo controlled one or the DBW? This has me thinking hard about it!
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    I have a 94 SNOB GT-40 carb. Added PP Classic and have skied the heck out of it for the last 15 years. Great boat. Won't take ZO without a repower since no ECM. Thru 32 off the wake is great, but I find at 35 and 38 off there is a pretty good divot after the second wake. Makes learning those lines a bit more challenging. I replace the exhaust manifolds about 6 years ago. Aside from that no problems at all. Price seems a bit high.
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    Thanks @ski6jones! I currently ski at 34 - some 36 (as that is what my age puts me in) and have gotten into 32. If I find I can get into 35 and 38 later in life (I'm 34) I'll be more than happy for that. The wake is great - maybe not to the standards of the newest boats, but it is a soft wake. Coming from a crossover boat - this would be a "little" better.
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    Price seems a little steep given year and hours. GT40 is a great motor. This is a '93 for asking $7900 for comparision:

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    If that is the boat not a fan. Upholstery has cracks, the scratch pictured looks like a crack and other than that the gel is not great as per description looking at that pic. No way I'd pay what they are asking on that boat.
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    Yes - that is the boat. I haven't gone to see it - but if I do I at least have an idea of what I'd offer - NOT $10,500.
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 5,874 Mega Baller
    Buddy talked to this guy, said his son made an error on price when posting...that he's not sure what it's worth somewhere between 8 and 10K was what he told my buddy on the phone. He's going to look tomorrow but shows what you can get under 10K.

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    Man if you are that serious of a skier, I think you would be insane to not wait and save up a touch more money to get a TSC1 hull. That thing is just soooooo much better than the NWZ hull. What skier - at any level - wouldn't prefer to ski behind a boat that hinders him the least in his goal to ski his personal best on any given day. I've never bought into the concept of me needing to "outski" my hull. I'm a crappy skier still working on making it up to 34 mph for the first time, but I still know I have a lot better chance of making 32 mph and 15 off on a TSC1 than I do on an NWZ.

    If you weren't such a good skier, I would say that for the same money you could look at a 94 MC190 with EFi, but as shortline as you are running, you will probably get some spray issues with that one.
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    I would certainly be trying to squeeze a '97 onwards if you can. TSC1 is the bomb! GT-40 either way is a ripping motor.
  • Skoot1123Skoot1123 Posts: 2,123 Mega Baller
    Thanks for the input @rockdog!
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    I have both, a 93 NWZ and a 98 TSC1. There's nothing in the world "wrong" with the NWZ. It's a great boat. The TSC1 is simply better. For $10,500 though, buy a TSC1. I just saw one with 542 hours go for $9k.
  • Skoot1123Skoot1123 Posts: 2,123 Mega Baller
    So I know what years of Nautique are good. What years of master craft are good?
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    Be aware that the 95 PCM GT-40 did not have a Fuel Control Cell (added in 96). I believe the purpose of the FCC was to alleviate vapor lock.

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  • TallSkinnyGuyTallSkinnyGuy Posts: 551 Crazy Baller
    If you ski at longer lines than 35 off the word on the street is the 91-94 Prostar 190 has one of the best ski wakes out there. The '94 has EFI standard and you can also find 93s with EFI if they have the upgraded LT-1 engine.

    I have a 97 and it has the hull used during the 95-97 era. It is also very good but considered to have slightly taller wakes than the 91-94 hull. I have heard many people say if you want a slalom-focused boat and are getting a '98 model or later you should go with Ski Nautique (if you are only considering Nautique and MC). I often ski behind a friend's 98 Nautique and it is very similar to mine up to 32 mph but the 34 mph wake is softer than mine.
  • rockdogrockdog Posts: 672 Crazy Baller
    Correction @TallSkinnyGuy 97 and up SN.
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